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As you can see, I have a wide variety of things I like, so many randome things that I love that deserved to be favorited.


Your Dedicated Writer
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Well hey there stranger and welcome to my page. I'm pokemonsoulsm but you can just call me Soul. On this account I put up mostly XReader insert stories that I work hard on and hope that you guys really enjoy. I sometimes cringe when I see that people add my older stories to their favorites just because I think I've improved since I came on Deviantart, but I have never pulled any of my stories down. Even if I finally stop coming on Deviantart I will probably leave everything up for people to enjoy. I write XReader stories for a variety of animes; from Hetalia, Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, Black Butler, to Shugo Chara. Usually I try to stick with animes or shows I am familiar with in order to provide the best story I can. I look forward to seeing the comments you guys write and I can't wait to get your feedback. Just don't die! I do not want to be charged for murder because of massive nosebleeds that may lead to death. O.O

When I first made my deviantART account I had no idea what to do with it. Originally I made it just so that I could favorite the excellent work made by others, mostly drawings at first. Then I began to fall in love with stories people were writing and putting up. I personally have always loved writing and decided that perhaps I would use my account to post stories. Plus I didn't think I was very good at drawing so there are very few drawings on my account. Now I had to decide, what kind of stories? I read a specific story, an XReader insert and I adored it and thought it was absolutely amazing! I found it fascinating how the writer had placed the reader in the story and I really wanted to give it a try. 

 This first one I picked is the very first XReader insert story I wrote. It's not very good when I look back at it now but everyone has a beginning right?

This next one was the first XReader insert story for Death Note and it ended up being another series, though not nearly as long as the one I had written for Sebastian. I wouldn't say this one is terrible but I also wouldn't call it great.

Another early piece of work. I swear, sometimes it makes me shudder to look back at some of my older stories haha. This one is also an older one but it never seems to lose people's interest. It is actually my most viewed story as of right now.

Looking through my gallery made me realize just how diverse my taste in anime is haha. I don't write XReader stories for just one series but multiple ones. Not one I'm proud of but wanted to stick it in their to show the variety of my gallery.

This third one I wanted to post is one of the two Naruto XReader insert stories I've written. I used to be really into Naruto but not so much any more. I don't keep up with it any more, but I might go back and write more stories. The ninjas need more love. This is also an older story but it is one of the few I am actually kind of proud of.

Next story I wanted to tag is this one from the Tango series I had started writing. I wrote one for Austria, Canada, England, and China. Also I had started writing one for Germany but never finished it. I doubted my skills when it came to describing the dancing between the characters and the reader. Austria was the first one I wrote for this series but many people really liked this one so I decided to feature this one instead.

Another popular anime on my account is Ouran Highschool Host Club. I have written several XReader stories for this series. Kyoya was always my favorite host so there are more stories for him than any of the other hosts. The Ouran stories were probably around when I started becoming more confident.

Now we are getting closer to the more recent stories. This one I am quite fond of because it was the first time I really tried to restrict myself and write short stories for the characters.

Not a fan of Claude but I wanted to stick this story into this journal also. As I became more comfortable and confident with my stories I started to reach out and be more creative. This is one of the very few "darker" stories I have on my account.

Over the five mark, I know but I just had to include this final one! This is my most recent series and the one I am currently working on. It is Tahno from the Legend of Korra. This story is my baby. I have never worked so hard and been so proud of something I've worked on ever. Trust me, I am my own worst critic and often call many of my stories terrible or unacceptable. This one though, my whole heart and soul is going into creating this thing. I've never been more proud. (I would not feed this story to dolphins :icontiff234: )

So that is what I wanted to feature. These show the progress of my writing and how I have improved over the time I've spent on DeviantArt. It was really hard to narrow down and just pick a few because I have written so many from all different kinds of animes. I can honestly say I'm proud of how I have gotten better and more confident with my writing. Thank you all for supporting me, reading my stories, taking time to comment, watching my account, adding my work to your favorites, and just being there!

I plan to continue writing and hope you all will continue this journey with me,

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