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January 28, 2012
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Cat? Me-ow? SebastianXReader
Chapter 1

     You sigh as you pull on the hood to the stuffy, hot costume on. Often you volunteered at a Pet Store close to your house but this was ridiculous! It was a small Pet Shop; the manager and your friends had convinced you to go stand outside the store in a cat costume to pull in some more costumers, and just when you couldn't have been any more embarrassed, you remembered you'd have to leave the back room eventually. Again you can't help but sigh and turn to look at your reflection your ___ eyes looking back at you. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be," you told yourself as you eye the black cat costume. You twirled around once to get one last look before turning to leave, as your hand touched the door knob you were shocked due to the costume. "Ouch!" you cried, so far… not a great start.

     After taking one last deep breath you hear the click of the lock as you turn it and you step out into the front of the store to hear the dogs barking and a few cats purring, but what stood out to you the most was the laughing of your manager. The shop smelt like animals but that was to be expected of a pet shop and you came here so much that the smell didn't bother you at all anymore. "S-Shut up, this was your idea in the first place!" you sputter and wave your arms about, your face a bright red color which caused a chocolate lab to bark a bit louder. He waved at your comment and pulled out his phone, begging for just one picture. "No!" you exclaimed and rushed outside onto the side walk, almost running into a kid who had been peeking into the shop. He was a small kid with short brunette hair, brown eyes, and the biggest smile. You looked down at the brunette boy and flashed him one of your lovely smiles. You tilted your head, some of your soft ___ colored hair peeking out from your hood. "Are you looking for a pet?" you asked him and smiled brightly when he looked embarrassed. The child blushed and looked away from you with a red face, squirming a bit under your gaze. You 'meow' lightly so that he looks up at you and laugh. "Take your time and just look around, promise?" you ask the little boy and grin when he nods and runs into the store. One person down, tons more to go! You grinned a bit to yourself, proud of your accomplishment; 'maybe today won't be so bad' you thought. You turn to face a bluish/gray haired boy wearing an eye patch much younger than yourself. You grin and wave at him before tilting your head. "Are you looking for a pet?" you asked in a cheerful voice. "No," the boy said simply and flatly, a straight answer in a way that said there would be no convincing him otherwise. You couldn't help but twitch at the serious and authoritive tone in his voice.

     You weren't sure whether to scold the boy for being so rude but you were distracted by a tugging, the fabric of the cat hoodie you were wearing kept moving. Slowly you turn the gaze of your ___ colored eyes up to see a man around your age; tall with black hair and the oddest shade of red eyes. He wore an outfit consisting of black trousers, a tailcoat, vest, and tie; quite fancy around these parts. "M-May I help you?" you squeaked out at the taller man and glanced back at the boy, putting the link together. They were both here together, you weren't sure if he was a father or butler but you figured butler since he didn't seem much older than yourself. At first the man didn't say anything but briefly; there was a flash of amusement and curiosity in his eyes that you noticed. "You… are dressed as a cat?" he asked and raised his eye brows. The younger boy looked quite annoyed with the predicament and snapped, "Sebastian, we don't have time for this! We have to get going." The boy pointed a cane at the man who, moments ago had just been pulling on the ear of your costume. Something changed in the look on the boys face; he looked much like a mischievous boy about to pull off a great prank. He looked more like the child he was rather than the serious boy he had been moments before. "On second thought, I'd like to see what kind of dogs you have. I believe we have room for one more dog," the blue haired boy said, a huge smirk across his face. You bit you bottom lip and glanced between the man called 'Sebastian' and the boy. Sebastian looked disgusted at the thought and you sigh, shrugging your shoulders in your defeat. "Sure, the two of you can just follow me," you said and waved your hand a bit before leading the two into the small store.

     "So this is our store, the dogs are over here," you said and motioned the small boy over to the middle of the store. This was the section where they let a couple of the dogs out so they could play and customers walking in could pet them. "What barbaric and loud creatures," Sebastian said quietly, glaring down at one of the puppies. You frown as the puppy whimpers and runs off to the other side of the area. You rubbed your temples a bit, not sure what to do in this situation. Obviously the boy was annoying Sebastian, you weren't sure which customer to try and satisfy, you were pretty sure they weren't going to buy a pet! With a huff you motioned the older man to follow you towards the back of the store and to the cat section. "Here is our purrfect collection of cats of all kinds such as the British Shorthair, Burmilla, and Devon Rex," you told Sebastian in a tour guide voice and smiled nervously. He was quite good looking, this made you a bit nervous but you had a job to do! A strange smile crossed his face and the only words you could think of to describe the look on his face were 'demonic' or 'wicked'. "Those round and innocent eyes that know no filth or foulness, those tails that lovingly swish as if they belong to nobility, those paws in the soft shade of warm light pink," (actual Black Butler quote) the demonic looking man stated with admiration toward the cats. He turned his strangely red tinted eyes in your direction. "May I pick one up?" he asked and you blinked stupidly, not comprehending the question right away. Your face went a dark red and you quickly shook your head to clear your thoughts. "Of course, be care with them though. Each cat has a different personality, the one you are looking at now has quite a temper and doesn't like me very much," you warned. Sebastian simply smiled at you and nodded a bit before gently and carefully scoping up the furry creature into his arms. Gently he tipped the cats up so that their eyes met while he gently scratched its neck and chest. To your shock, the cat lay calmly in his arms and purring, not trying to scratch him or anything. "How did you do that?" you asked, your ___ eyes wide, carefully you reached a hand out towards the cat to pet it. It glanced in your direction and hissed, reaching out a paw, it swiped at your hand. Its claws caught your hand; you weren't able to pull your hand back fast enough. You cursed under your breath and jumped away from the man and cat, waving your hand around in pain. "Such language, coming out of the mouth of a lady," Sebastian said and chuckled, carefully putting the cat back. In one swift and easy movement, Sebastian had got a hold of your wrist and was studying the scratches on your hand. You felt the heat rush to your face and you looked back towards the boy who was shooting a glare in the direction of you and Sebastian. "Okay?" asked Sebastian and you turned your gaze back to him quickly, he had obviously said something but you totally missed it. "W-What? I'm sorry, It was rude of me not to listen to you. What did you say?" you asked, feeling even more blood rush to your cheeks, you were now sure your face was a scarlet red rather than a pink. He shook his head, his black bangs lightly brushing against your hand. 'Humans' he thought and sent you one of his signature demonic smiles. "I said the scratches on your hand aren't very deep, you still might want to clean them off though. You will be fine… okay?" he repeated for you; still holding onto your wrist with one hand. With his free hand, he reached up and tugged on the ear of your cat hood that completed your cat costume. Not trusting your voice, you nodded your head and blew some of your ___ colored bangs out of your face. Sebastian studied your face a moment longer then released your wrist, what a sweet soul you had, he was sure it would taste so much better than his young master's soul.

     "Woof," Ciel said as he approached the two of you, a unhappy look on his face. Sebastian turned to his master and smiled. "My lord, the cats here are quite wonderful…" he said but didn't get to finish his sentence because he was cut off by the young boy. "It's time to go Sebastian; I've had enough of you and your cat obsession for today. We will go visit the Undertaker and return home like our original plan had been," he said then turned to face you. He looked you over; trying to figure out why his butler had taken an interest in you. After looking at your ___ colored eyes, ___ colored___(hair type: straight/wavy/etc) and cat hoodie, he shook his head. He figured the cat costume had really caught is attention or something. "Sorry to waste your time like this," the boy said, and then walked out of the small pet shop, obviously expecting Sebastian to follow.

     Sebastian turned to you and bowed to his waist, causing other costumers, much to your embarrassment to look in the direction of you two. "My master and I are taking our leave," he said and smiled at you again, amusement obvious in his red eyes. You walked with him over to the door since you'd have to go back outside the store anyway to advertise again. He opened the door and stepped outside then stopped, not letting go of the door quite yet. Instead of just walking off, he looked back at you one last time. "I like your costume by the way. Cats are magnificent creatures…. And you look cute," he said then winked. Now he let go of the door and walked off after his master. You stood there with your eyes wide in surprise and a hand against one of your red cheeks. "I-I… thank you," you said to the space where Sebastian once stood. Finally you managed to snap out of your shock and walked into the small bathroom in the store. You turned the knob so that the cold water came out of the faucet and stuck your hand under the cool water, letting out a small hiss as the water hit the scratches on your hand. The pain didn't keep the huge grin off your face; you had met a mysterious and very interesting guy. You could only hope to see him again as you dried off your hand and carefully placed band-aids over your scratches.
So, this is my very first (anime character)XReader story o///o
It's my first one so I know it isn't very good but I wanted to write this one for my friend, I like how it turned out and it took a long time because of school and stuff. This is chapter one I guess, I'm pretty sure I'm going to add more chapters: I guess it depends on how you guys react to the story, if you like it or not.

Even though it isn't very good, I hope you enjoy! PLEASE comment and tell me what you think, gimme feed back and tell me if you want me to continue writing this, PLEASE!!! ;)

I am writing this for my friend:
~and others <3

Chapter 1: you are here
Chapter 2: [link]
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Chapter 6: [link]
Chapter 7: [link]
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Chapter 10: [link]
Chapter 11: [link]
Chapter 12: [link]
Chapter 13: [link]
Chapter 14 Final: [link]

Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler. The picture isn't mine, and I don't own Black Butler or the Black Butler Characters in any way!!! The preview picture I used was not created by me but can be found here and was made by this wonderful person: [link]
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