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September 3, 2012
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     "Norway, man, you've got to help me! We are buddies right?!" Denmark yelled and knocked on Norway's door. It was early in the morning but he didn't care, he had more important things to worry about. "Come out Norge!" he yelled even louder and tried the door knob to find it locked. A mischievous smirk crossed his face and he quickly turned and ran back to his own bedroom before picking up just what he needed. "I'm coming in," Denmark announced and swung the object he had obtained at the door knob, effectively slicing off the doorknob on his side of the door with his large ax. A string of curses in Norwegian could be heard from the other side of the door then footsteps. Norway opened the door since Denmark would have shoved it open anyway and he peered down expressionlessly at the doorknob on the floor. The emotionless Nordic picked up the doorknob and tossed it into his room to fix later before grabbing onto Denmark's yellow and red scarf, choking the confident Danish man.

     A mixture between a cough and a laugh escaped Denmark's lips as he grabbed onto his scarf and tried to loosen the accessory around from around his neck. Norway only let go of the scarf when Denmark's face started to go a shade of blue, having mercy on the energetic, spiky blonde haired, blue eyed man. Mathias sucked in big gulps of air and grinned at his friend. "Norway, I need your help!" Denmark whispered loudly to Lukas and walked into the boy's room with his ax. Mathias grabbed Norway's arm and had him sit at his desk and then Denmark sat across from him. "Okay, how do I tell ___ that I like her?" he asked suddenly with intense blue eyes. Norway blinked and glanced up at the ceiling thoughtfully then to Denmark. "Just tell her," he said in his monotone voice.  Denmark groaned and ran his hands through his hair, making it even messier than usual. "Okay, you pretend to be ___ for me," Denmark said reluctantly and set his ax aside. Denmark sat upright in his seat and cleared his throat. "Um, ___ I really like you and we've been friends for a really long time and I'd like to…" he started to say at rapid speed. Mathias stopped talking when Norway held up a hand. "I didn't understand a single thing you just said to me," Norway said bluntly.

     Denmark blinked his blue eyes in surprise then slammed his head down on the desk, effectively doing a head desk and leaving a bright red mark on his forehead. "Slow down," Norway reminded Denmark and rolled his eyes, not sure why he was even bothering to help the second tallest Nordic. Mathias frowned and waved a hand dismissively at him. "You are too hard to work with, I'm going to ask someone else," he said and stood with a sigh. Norway rolled his eyes once again and lightly crossed his arms. "If you use that ax of yours on my door one more time I will make sure to make you pass out next time I choke you," he warned Denmark as the man grabbed his ax and left the room. Norway sighed softly and picked up a book off of his desk, lightly he flipped through it. "That idiot… he over complicates things," Norway muttered to himself.

     "Sweden!" Denmark said with a grin when he saw the Nordic sitting on the couch reading the newspaper. Mathias sat down beside the silent nation and rubbed the back of his head. "Look, I know you like Finland a lot… so I was wonder if you could give me advice on how to tell ___ I have a crush on her," Denmark told Sweden. The silent nation looked up from the newspaper with a grunt. Mathias had no idea what that meant. There was a moment of silence between the two of them as they both stared each other down. "Give her flowers, that is what I give my wife," Sweden said after what seemed like forever then peered back down at his newspaper. Denmark frowned at this and pulled his wallet out of his back pocket, counting out the dollar bills. "I might have enough," Mathias said more to himself then to Sweden. The other nation glanced towards Mathias and nodded slightly before watching him stand and leave the room.

     Denmark followed the scent of bacon and pancakes to the kitchen and grinned at Finland. The cheerful nation looked up with a tired smile continued to look. "Good morning Denmark, I'm almost finished making breakfast," he said and hummed to himself as he flipped over a couple slices of bacon. He blinked his blue eyes in surprise when Denmark didn't reply and looked over his shoulder at the usually loud and upbeat nation. "Is something wrong Denmark?" Finland asked worriedly and studied the Nation who was sitting at the kitchen table quietly. Denmark sighed and slammed his head down on the table multiple times, alarming Finland. "H-Hey! W-W-What's wrong Denmark!?" he sputtered hurriedly and turned off the stove so that the food didn't burn or anything. Also, he knew… unlike England… that you don't leave food unattended. Finland sat at the table and frowned at Denmark. "Is this about ___?" Finland asked and tilted his head. Denmark looked up at Finland with wide blue eyes. 'Is it that obvious that I like her?' he thought and studied Finland. This specific Nordic is very kind and insightful, so maybe he would have better ideas than Sweden and Norway. "Yes, I don't know how to tell her that I want to be her boyfriend," he admitted and rubbed his bright red forehead.

     Tino smiled softly and shook his head. "Maybe you could take her out to dinner tonight and tell her Denmark? You shouldn't be asking me though... because it is your relationship that you want to change. What you should do is tell her in the way you want to," Finland suggested and patted Denmark's arm. Mathias made a face but slowly nodded his head. "Don't worry about it, I know you will figure out what to do," Tino said, encouraging the usually confident Nordic. Now Finland stood and returned to the stove so that he could finish cooking breakfast.

     "What do you do for you Husband Sweden?" Denmark asked suddenly. Finland squeaked with wide blue eyes and looked over his shoulder at Mathias. "Sweden is still joking like that?" he asked in a high pitched voice. Denmark laughed at his reaction and nodded while he stood from his chair. "He said he gives you flowers," Mathias added and pushed his chair in. A shade of pink danced its way across Finland's cheeks and he turned so his back was to Mathias again. "Yes, he always buys really nice flowers," Tino said with a fond smile. When he turned to address Denmark again, the other Nation was already gone. "Skipping breakfast?" he asked the thin air since Denmark was no longer in the room. Sweden walked into the room and the pink that had spread across Tino's face became a bright red as he turned off the stove.

     "Yo, Iceland!" Denmark shouted as he walked outside and spotted the silver haired Nordic. Said Nation looked up from Mr. Puffin and towards Denmark. "What is it?" he asked suspiciously and studied Denmark's troubled face. Mathias ran over and squatted down next to the youngest Nordic. "Look, how would you tell a girl you like her?" Denmark asked expectantly. Iceland frowned at the question and took a bite of licorice as he stared at Mr. Puffin. "How would I tell her? I wouldn't.." he said simply. This only frustrated Denmark even more. "WHAT?! Why? But if you really really really really wanted to be her boyfriend? How would you tell her?" Denmark insisted. Iceland stood up and shoved his hands into his pockets. "Give her chocolate or licorice I guess?" he said slowly, sounding unsure. Denmark groaned and lay back in the grass, staring up at the sky. "You don't like that idea," Iceland said bluntly. Denmark shrugged his shoulders and threw his hands up in defeat. "I give up! I don't know what to do," said Mathias and rolled around in the grass. Emil held out a piece of his beloved licorice for Denmark. "___?" Iceland asked. Denmark nodded and grabbed the licorice, taking a huge bite. "This is disgusting," he said around a mouthful of licorice. A small smile crossed Emil's face.

     "Everyone knows but her that I really like.. love her," he told Iceland. Denmark took another large bite of licorice, finishing off the 'disgusting' treat. Emil shook his head and lightly nudges Denmark's side with his foot. "Maybe she knows but is just waiting for you to say something," Iceland suggested and held out a hand. Denmark blinks his bright blue eyes in surprise and took the younger boy's hand before pulling himself into a standing position. "Don't give up," he said and held out his arm so Mr. Puffin could land on it. Iceland headed towards the house. "Good luck, I'm going to get breakfast."


     Ring! Ring! You looked up from your computer screen in surprise. 'Telephone, who would be calling?' you thought and stood. Quickly looked around the room, trying to spot your cell phone. Ring! Ring! "Where..?" you murmured and jumped onto the couch. Ring! Ring! You grabbed the phone out from under a pillow on the last ring and placed it to your ear. "Hello, who is this?" you asked without checking the caller ID. You internally groaned when you heard a slurred voice on the other end of the phone. As much as you liked your best friend Mathias, you didn't like his bad drinking habit, especially when it involves you. "___ cannr~ youz lelp..melp..nelp..HELP! Den..DenMAN.. Me?" Mathias asked, obviously drunk but trying to sound understandable. A couple hiccups followed by loud laughter could be heard and you had to hold the phone away from your ear. He practically was laughing as loud as America! You mentally cursed yourself for having a crush on such a irresponsible guy. "Where are you?" you grumbled unhappily. You blinked your ___ colored eyes when there wasn't an immediate response. "..side…. house….flom..FLOWZ.. ouside you…. hose… home.. BEER.." Denmark replied, half yelling, half laughing. 'Seriously!?' you thought and shoved your ___ colored hair out of your face as you ran to the front door. You hung up the phone and raised your eye brows at Denmark who was currently lying down on your porch while throwing little pebbles into the air, some of them would fall back down and hit his face. "Th.. The… Shky issss FALLIN…!" he said suddenly and stood, wobbling on his feet. You grabbed Mathias before he fell over with much effort since he is so much bigger than you are. "You really need to go on a diet," you told him with a grunt as you pulled him into your house. After kicking the door shut, you placed the drunken Danish on the couch… by placing him on the couch… you meant dropping the larger teen onto the couch. "Gyah!" he shouted and burst out laughing.  

     "You just stay put," you said and held up a hand when he opened his mouth to say something. You pointed a finger at him and frowned. Mathias hiccupped and slumped down on your couch. Lightly you fingered the bright red mark on his forehead, wondering just what had happened. "Stay," you repeated and turned to leave the room to get supplies. Before you could though, a hand grabbed your wrist and yanked you backwards, causing you to stumble and fall into Denmark's lap. "M-Mathias!" you sputtered with a bright pink face. Denmark buried his face in your hair and smiled. "___?" he asked softly. You frowned and tried to pull out of his hold but his hold was merciless. "I love you," he whispered. Now your ___ colored eyes widened in shock but then you reminded yourself that he was… drunk? You had just assumed he was drunk since Mathias really did have a horrible drinking habit, but now that you were in his arms, there was no hint of alcohol in his breath. Now you pulled away a bit and studied his bright blue eyes, they were clear and focused. "Y-You aren't d-drunk…" you sputtered, shocked that he had tricked you so easily, maybe because you were just so careless. Denmark grinned and shook his head, loosening his hold on you. "I meant what I said ___, I love you," he reminded you and a light shade of pink spread across his cheeks. You stared at him with wide ___ colored eyes, still shocked and a bit overwhelmed by the whole situation. Denmark rummaged through his pockets and pulled out a crumbled flower that he had plucked from your garden, and a melting Hersey kiss. "I-I.." you said, at a loss for words.

     Mathias leaned forward so that your noses were pressed against each other. "I'm serious, now please say something.. anything.." Denmark begged and squirmed a bit under you. You reached out a shaky hand and took the flower and the Hersey kiss. "I love you too," you whispered with a bright red face as you unwrapped the Hersey kiss and ate it. Denmark watched you for a moment then grinned, no longer blushing or embarrassed. "Can I give you a real kiss now?" he asked. You looked up at him and laughed softly. "Yes you may," you told him with a huge smile before you grabbed his scarf and pulled him closer. You placed a light but passionate kiss on his lips as he lied back on your couch. Denmark laughed against your lips when his cell phone started ringing and he pulled it out of his pocket so you could both see who was calling. "Yo!" Denmark said into the phone and listened to the reply 'kesesesese'. You raised your eye brows at Denmark, trying to figure out what the heck he is doing. "Hey Denmark, it's me awesome! Do you want to come and drink with West, America, and I?" Prussia asked into the phone. You gave Mathias a look, daring him to say 'yes' in your presence. Instead, Mathias grinned and winked a blue eye at you. "Not tonight 'awesome' I have all I need right here! No drinks for me tonight!" he replied and hung up before either of you could hear Prussia's response. Denmark tossed his cell phone aside and placed another kiss to your lips, running his fingers through your ___ silky hair. "So.. will.. you.. be.. my.. girlfriend?" Mathias asked between kisses. You pulled away and tapped your cheek thoughtfully, teasing the Nordic.

     To be honest, this wasn't the most romantic way to have a guy tell you that he loves you but it was still adorable and so like Denmark. "Yes," you said finally and hugged Mathias tightly. You remained in his arms for the longest time, the two of you even watched a movie and cuddled up together. "Hey ___... do you really think I need to lose weight?" Denmark asked out of the blue, making you laugh. You looked up at him and poked his nose.

"I love you just the way you are Mathias."
This was a prize XReader story for :icondomingo-jirafa: for a contest in :iconheta-therapy: It was another DenmarkXReader, I didn't realize people like Denmark so much :O or the other Nordics. This is my second XReader story that involves the Nordics~ WOOHOO~ There is a hint of SwedenXFinland in there ;) <3

I don't really know the Nordics that well so they may be OOC and I'm sorry if they are, I tried my best! I hope you like it!

I don't own Hetalia or any of the Hetalia Characters. I also don't own the preview image, it was found on google images.
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