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November 29, 2012
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"Winter came down to our home one night
Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow,
And we, we were children once again."
~Bill Morgan, Jr.

    A cool breeze flowed through the North Pole while little snowflakes fluttered about the enormous workshop. The workshop was filled with the scent of freshly baked cookies, filled with busy yetis, elves were running around, and colors were everywhere in sight. A silver haired boy flew into the shop and examined the place with great joy and admiration. The grin on his face grew larger and he allowed his stick to pull him through the factory to the designated office he had been invited to at a quick speed. With great ease, he flew around the working yeti and past all the toys that would be delivered on Christmas later that year. The painted red robots toppled off one of the workshop tables. The Yeti looked at its hard work that had fallen onto the ground. The furry creature just couldn’t seem to cut a break as he shot the flying boy an exasperated look.

    The boy laughed whole heartedly and tilted his head at the creature. “Sorry fella, I’m in a rush,” he told the Yeti and flew into North’s office. The large bearded man looked up from his ice airplane and grinned. He pushed up the sleeves of his red shirt to reveal is tattooed arms- one read ‘naughty’ and the other read ‘nice’- this also meant he would be getting down to business and not waste time. ”Frosty, I’m so glad you made it!” North bellowed happily as the boy entered the room. Jack Frost rolled his eyes at the nickname, but couldn’t help but smile.

    “Did you think I wouldn’t come North? Did you really doubt me?” Jack asked and watched the ice train travel around the ice tracks that North had expertly constructed. North shook his head and lightly placed his hands on his stomach. “I knew you would come, I felt it in my belly. Now come on, you are going to love what I have done,” the older man cheered with a wink. North rushed out of the office, not glancing behind to see if Jack Frost would even follow. The guardian of winter laughed and followed North out to the main area of the workshop.

    North grabbed a few cookies off one of the trays that an elf was carrying and stopped right in the center of his workshop. Jack stood beside him and studied the large globe filled with millions of little golden lights, these lights symbolized the children that believe in the guardians including: the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman. He had seen the globe many times before but it never failed to put him in a state of awe and wonder. North brushed a few crumbs out of his beard and then flipped a switch on the control panel. A few of the lights on the globe changed from a golden color to a shade of baby blue. “This is what I have done. I have upgrades my globe Frosty. See those tiny blue lights? Those lights represent the people that believe in YOU. After what happened with the Boogie Man, I figured this would really boost your confidence. Now, do you remember that the older children get, the less they believe in us? Well there are still a few older children that believe, teenagers that are around your age. I even found a few that believe in you,” North explained enthusiastically.

    Jack watched North flip yet another switch and a few of the light blue lights became a dark blue color. ‘Who could be my age and believe in me?’ Jack thought curiously and stared at the darker blue lights in wonder. North crossed his arms over his chest as he studied Jack’s excited face. “This light right here is ___ ___... and this one is..” North started but a cool breeze sent his paperwork flying about, letting him know that Jack Frost had already left in search of the first teenager he had named.


    You wrapped your scarf around your neck and took a deep breath as you peered out the window at the newly fallen snow. ‘What can I do first? Build a snowman? Have friends over for a snowball fight? Make a snow angel? Maybe go ice skating?’ you thought and pulled open the front door before closing it behind you. Everywhere you looked, as far as the eye could see, there was snow. When studying houses that surrounded your own, smoke could be seen floating from the chimneys due to warm cozy fires. A few children ran around across the street, enjoying the snow while their parents stood on the porches looking as cold as could be.  Quickly you walked out of your home and blinked as snow landed in your hair and on your nose. You wiped at your nose with a gloved hand and laughed.

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
jack frost nipping at your nose
Yule-tide carols being sung by a choir
And folks dressed up like Eskimos.”

    You say the lines softly and scooped up some snow. Now you threw the snow into the air and squealed when it landed on your head with a laugh. You fell back into the snow and lightly moved your arms up and down in the snow while you moved your legs side to side to create a snow angel with closed eyes. “I see two snow angels,” a boy’s voice said, catching you off guard. You found it odd because you hadn’t heard them approach when you should have heard their feet crunching through the snow. Slowly you cracked your ___ colored eyes open and you blushed deeply to see the stranger’s face inches from yours. He had bright blue eyes and soft looking silver hair along with a friendly smile. He wore simply a blue hoodie, brown pants, no shoes, and he held an odd looking staff in his hands. You were so confused and caught off guard that you just weren’t sure how to react.

    “T-Two s-snow angels?” you sputtered, unable to move because if you sat up, the two of you would hit heads. He nodded and gave a wicked, mischievous grin. “Yes, the angel you just made and you,” he said and laughed softly. Finally he stood upright and you were able to sit up. You couldn’t recall ever seeing the boy around your neighborhood, but he was cute and seemed nice. “You’re butt is going to go numb if you don’t stand soon,” the boy teased, snapping you out of your thoughts.

    Your ___ colored eyes met his when you snapped out of your thoughts; you accepted his outstretched hand and stood. “What’s your name?” you asked suspiciously and raised your eye brows. You dusted show off of your clothes and the boy reached over and gently smoothed it out of your hair. ‘She’s beautiful and seems to love winter. ___ ___... that’s what North had called her, the name has a very nice ring to it. I like it… and she believes in me.. she can see and hear me’ Jack Frost thought to himself.

    He held out his hand to you once more. “Jack,” he supplied and you shook his hand. Your ___ colored eyes widened, his hand was freezing. How long had he been outside? Definitely longer than you had, no doubt.  ‘Jack..’ you thought and slowly nodded, not sure if you could believe him. You looked down at the ground and shuffled your feet awkwardly. Before you could think of something to break the silence, a snowball hit you right on the top of your head. “Hey!” you shouted and the sound of his laughter made you laugh too, no matter how hard you tried not to. You scooped up your own snow and threw it back at Jack who simply ducked and tossed another one, this one hit your leg. “You’ll have to do better than that. I am the master when it comes to snowball fights,” he said cockily.

    You couldn’t help but take up his challenge and quickly scoop up some more snow. By the time you formed another snowball, you were hit again but white, fluffy, cold, wonderful snow. “I wasn’t ready,” you told him and tossed your snowball. Quickly you ran away from Jack and ducked behind a nearby tree; a snow ball exploded against the tree. You slowly peered around the tree to spot Jack but he was no where t o be seen. “Wha..?” you stared and gasped as a ton of snow fell out of the tree above you and landed on your head. With great speed, you looked up at the tree, sending snow tumbling out of your ___(h/c) ___(h/l) hair. It was easy to spot Jack standing of one of the branches of the tree, he had jumped on the branch to knock all of the snow off.

    ‘How did he get up there? He was over there a minute ago?! There was now what he could run that fast or climb that fast… plus I didn’t hear him!’ you thought in confusion. You sent another freezing cold ball of snow at Jack who jumped out of the tree to dodge it. As a last minute attempt, you kicked up snow, this time your attack landed on the target. Jack blinked in surprise and laughed when you were running away from him. “Hey, get back here!” he shouted and ran after you, easily catching up and tackling you into the snow. Giggles erupted from your throat because part of your scarf had now landed on your face and you had yet to realized that Jack had pinned you now and just how close to your face he was. Your ___(fav color) scarf was pulled out of your view and Jack rested his nose against yours.

    “I think I won,” he announced triumphantly while your nose seemed to become more and more numb by the second. You shook your head with a smile and rolled your eyes, your face red with embarrassment. “Alright, alright, now get off of me Jack,” you replied in defeat. Jack quickly climbed off of you and jumped up and down lightly like a little kid would.

    “Well winner, if you help me build a snowman I might consider letting you have some hot chocolate,” you offer as you stood up from the snow. Jack Frost blinked and tilted his head curiously. He couldn’t remember ever having hot chocolate before, many children and adults seemed to enjoy it in the winter time so he figured it must be good. “Deal,” Jack finally agreed and set his staff aside, you didn’t notice how it made the sidewalk become more icy and slippery than before. The two of you worked together to build a snowman, and for your first one, it was actually rather good and you were impressed. You had wrapped your scarf around the snowman after Jack stuck in the sticks for arms, and rocks for the eyes, nose and mouth. Sadly you didn’t have a top hat to give the snowman but you had to say that it still looked great. “Okay Jack, great work and thank you for building my very first snowman with me,” you told him happily and ruffled his silver hair.

    Jack shook his hair back into place and frowned. “This is your very first? Didn’t you make them when you were younger?” he asked glumly. You shook your head with a small shrug. “Not really, look if you sit on the porch, I’ll bring out two mugs of hot chocolate,” you told him, desperate to bring a smile back on his face. Before you made it into the house, Jack grabbed your hand. “Hey ___, before you go in… My name is Jack, Jack Frost. Don’t give me that look like I’m crazy please! I know you believe in Jack Frost, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see or hear me and… I’m really happy that you believe in me,” he blurted out, his face going bright pink for the first time in your presence and it wasn’t because of the cold.

    You blinked your ___ colored eyes at him thoughtfully. “Well.. call ‘me’ crazy but I actually believe you. It would explain a lot, so thank you for telling me,” you told him and gently squeezed his hand. Jack Frost smiled in relief and released your hand so that you could get the two of you a warm treat.

    You sat down beside Jack frost after handing him the warm blue mug filled with hot chocolate.“Have you ever hand any hot chocolate?” you asked and gently bumped his shoulder with your own. He shook his head with a sheepish smile and stared down at the liquid. Your ___ colored eyes widened in shock. ‘How could someone live without at least trying hot chocolate?’ you thought. “Well, you better try some and tell me what you think. It will be a first for both of us today. My first snowman and your first mug of hot chocolate,” you encouraged him and took a sip of your own. Warmth flowed through your veins and brought a fond smile to your face. Jack followed your lead and took a tentative sip of the hot chocolate. “This… This is really good,” Jack frost said enthusiastically, he finally understood why people seemed to like it so much.

    The two of you drank your hot chocolate in a comfortable silence while Jack Frost considered his options. He knew he could be irregularly cold.. but the two of you were both drinking a very warm liquid.. so he had a chance now right? “___?” he asked so quietly that you almost thought you were hearing things. You turned to face Jack Frost expectantly and blushed when his lips met yours. This had come to such a surprise that you had almost dropped your mug of hot chocolate, at the last minute you had managed to get a hold of it. You kissed him back and giggled softly when he smiled against your lips.

    “Well, I never thought Jack Frost would nip at my lips rather than my nose,” you whispered and rested your forehead against his. The smile on his face grew even more and he licked the taste of hot chocolate off his lips.

    After you two finished your hot chocolate, Jack handed you his mug and stood. “I have to go, kids to bring joy to and snow to spread,” he said and gave you a wink. You stood and raised your eye brows at him. "Will you come back?" you asked hopefully. He rubbed the back of his head with a smile. “Of course I will, as long as you continue to believe in me, I will always come back and you will always see me. When I’m not around, all you have to do is look at the moon and know that I am looking at the same moon, thinking about you,” he said, knowing it sounded cheesy.

    He pressed one last kiss to your lips, this one was cold but you didn’t mind at all until he pulled away. “I promise I’ll come back and you will always be my snow angel,” Jack Frost insisted and scooped up his staff before flying off.

Extended Ending:

    Jack Frost kept his promise and came back every winter for multiple days. Some days you wouldn’t see him though because he had visited while you were asleep, but he always left some little token to let you know that he had stopped by. He would freeze something in your room or leave a note on one of your windows. Tonight you had decided that you would definitely stay awake for his visit. You looked up from your book with a soft winter breeze blew your bedroom window open.

    Jack Frost climbed in and grinned at you. He set his staff down and walked over to you. “How are you tonight, my beautiful snow angel?” he asked and placed a chilling but comforting kiss on your forehead. You sat up and wrapped your arms around his neck, your fingers fiddled with his silver hair.

    “I am wonderful, especially now that you are here,” you told him honestly and the two of you shared a passionate, frosty kiss.
I saw Rise of the Guardians, loved it and loved Jack Frost obviously haha. I decided to write a XReader for him for my friend :icontiff234: I had fun using his character, he is very interesting and fun, and just all around really friendly. We all know why us girls went to see the movie XD Lol. This story idea popped into my head the other day and was very easy to get written so I finished it quite quickly. This is definitely different than my usual animeXReader stories.

Chapter 1- You are here
Chapter 2- [link]
Chapter 3- [link]
Chapter 4- [link]
Chapter 5- [link]
Chapter 6- Coming soon

Also the lyrics are from: "The Christmas Song"
Enjoy and please comment.

I don't own Jack Frost or any of the other characters from Rise of the Guardians, just the story. Also, I don't own the preview image.
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