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December 26, 2012
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"I think that love is stronger than habits or circumstances. I think it is possible to keep yourself for someone for a long time, and still remember why you were waiting when she comes at last.... I would enter your sleep if I could, and guard you there, and slay the thing that hounds you, as I would if it had the courage to face me in fair daylight. But I cannot come in unless you dream of me.”
― Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn

    Night had spread across the sky and dusty grey clouds drifted in front of the moon, making the night even darker. The twinkling stars seemed to dim and an unshakeable chill seemed to surround the quite houses. Pitch looked up at the skyline from his deep domain in the ground and he paced menacingly back and forth across the dirt covered floor. He let out a dissatisfied sigh and looked towards the black sand swirling around at his feet. “What is this? Jack Frost has a human girl?” the Boogie Man asked with a calculating smile. He looked up towards the man on the moon and chuckled. “This, I can do something about this,” he told himself and the sand as he contemplated what possible schemes he could put into place. There was a quiet palpable tension in the air, not even a cricket dared to make a chirp while Pitch stood standing in the middle of the lair with his eyes fixed on the bright moon as the clouds drifted by. This was indeed indispensable information and he was sure he could use the girl to his advantage. Slowly he raised his hand up as if to touch the moon then clenched his fist. “Jack Frost thinks he has nothing to fear now that I was supposed to have been beaten once again, but now I have conquered my own fear. He has plenty to fear and I’m sure that ___ ___ can prove this point to him,” Pitch announced triumphantly with thoughts only of manipulation and the guardians.


    “It’s freezing outside Jack, I am not going outside!” you whined from underneath your comforter. As much as you loved Jack Frost, you would not be going outside today because it was 23 degrees and you didn’t want to leave the comfort and warmth of your bed. You felt a tugging on the blankets and before you could tighten your grip on the blankets, the comforter was tugged out of your hands and you were now exposed to the cooler air in your room. Goosebumps spread across your arms and you blushed under the silver haired boy’s intense gaze. All you wore was a simple t-shirt and some pajama pants and even after knowing him for so long, you still got embarrassed when he saw you in your pajamas. “Come on ___, it’s very nice outside,” Jack told you and jumped onto your bed before sitting criss-cross on your bed. You sat up slowly and lazily before resting your head on his shoulder. “Jack, I know you love the winter and so do I, but I draw the line when it gets way too cold,” you told him. Jack chuckled and flipped some of his silver hair out of his face so that he could meet your ___ colored eyes with his own blue ones. “___, come outside at least for a little while. I have something I want to give you anyway and I won’t give it to you unless you come outside,” he teased and placed a light kiss on the top of your head. You shot a glare at him and shoved him off of your bed, the surprised look on his face made you laugh. “Fine, out, out, out so I can change then,” you told him with raised eye brows. Jack stood up and grabbed his staff with a large grin. “Alright, I will meet you outside on the porch. If you aren’t outside in fifteen minutes I am coming to get you,” he replied easily and used his staff to fly out of the room; the breeze left behind by him caused the door to shut on its own.

    You stood and a shiver ran through your body. ‘Dang Jack and his wonderful persuasion skills…. Well and the fact that I can’t say no to him could be at fault also’ you thought to yourself as you changed out of your pajamas and into warm clothes which included a sweater. Grudgingly you shoved your feet into boots and walked down the stairs. Stealthily you glanced out the window to see Jack balancing on the on the steps on one foot, not slipping on the little bit of frost that coated the steps. “Show off,” you said as you stepped out onto the porch. Jack looked up at you and winked. “Always,” he promised and held out his hand to you. Gratefully you took his hand and allowed him to pull you into his arms. It was cold out and it didn’t warm you up to be in Jack’s arms because he seemed to emit his own chill but you wouldn’t dare complain because no matter what, you always loved to be in his arms. “You want to see what I got you now?” Jack whispered in your ear, as he hugged you from behind. You leaned back against his strong frame and look up at him. “You didn’t have to get me anything,” you told him and shook your head. One arm was removed from around your waist and Jack pulled something out of his pocket.

    “Hold up your hair,” he instructed. Easily you gathered all your ___ colored hair into your hands and pulled it up so that Jack could see your neck. Gently, the newest guardian placed a necklace around your neck and fixed the clasp. “I wanted to get it for you,” he said smoothly and pressed a quick kiss to your neck. You blushed deeply and gasped in surprise, spinning around in his arms to face him. He shrugged his shoulders and gave you an innocent look as if he didn’t know why you had spun to face him so quickly. You turn your gaze down to the necklace and gently figured the beautiful snowflake charm in awe. “Thank you so…” you started but couldn’t finish your sentence because a piece of fabric was wrapped around your neck and mouth. You sputtered and pulled the fabric away to see that Jack had lightly wrapped a ___(fav color) colored scarf around your neck that had small snowflakes, and a staff much like his own embroidered into it. “This… This is too much Jack,” you said gratefully and lightly ran your fingers over the fabric of the scarf. Jack jumped up onto the bench that sat on your porch and grinned, placing his hands behind his back. “You are very welcome,” he said cockily in reply, proud of himself. You gently grabbed his staff and hook it around his neck before pulling him closer by his own staff so your faces are only inches  apart. “Don’t get too big headed love,” you tease and place a short but intense kiss to his chilly lips. You pulled away all too soon, causing him to lean forward a bit in an attempt to reconnect your lips; instead he fell off the bench with a thud. It took all your self control not to laugh and you forgot about your numb fingers and nose for a moment as you sat squatted down beside him.

    “Hey Jack, remember the first time we met? When we had the snowball fight and you helped me build my first snowman?” you asked and tilted your head. Jack looked up at you with his bright blue eyes and raised his dark eye brows. “Of course and I always will,” he replied easily, still lying on the porch with minor pain from the fall. You wrapped the scarf more securely around your neck as the cold once again grabbed your attention. “Can we have another snowball fight? This time you can’t cheat and fly around or anything,” you suggested challengingly. Jack could never say no to a challenge no matter what, he was a child at heart but the love and care similar to a teenager like himself. “I’ll give you a head start,” Jack replied and sat upright. You shook your head, wanting it to be a fair game so he simply shrugged his shoulders with a laugh. Quickly you scooped up snow since you have now mastered the art of making snowballs; next you chuck the snow at Jack. Your boyfriend looked up and ducked out of the way of the snow. Even without his staff or any of his powers, he could be professional at any winter sport. “No cheating, so that means no tickling or kissing,” you added as a snowball whizzed past your head. Jack pouted at this new rule and slowly nodded, making a pile of snowballs, ammo to use in the fight.

    The two of you continued the battle for about thirty minutes before Jack finally ran over and scooped you up into his arms, making you squeal. Gently he gripped you chin and tilted your face downwards as you dropped your snowball right on his head. Your boyfriend didn’t even shiver when the snow hit him and he simply pressed his wintry lips to yours. Lightly you rested your hands on his shoulders and smiled against his lips. “The rule was no kissing,” you told whispered against his lips. He knew that his kisses sent your mind reeling and made it almost impossible to think straight, hence why you had made sure to include that rule. “I never follow the rules, besides- rules are made to be broken,” he teased and placed a kiss on your nose, followed by both cheeks, and finally the corner of your lips. You rested your forehead against his and rolled your eyes. “Of course,” you whispered back.

    The two of you hung out for the rest of the day, whether it was Jack’s idea to drag you outside to do some sort of activity or whether you had dragged Jack back into the house to sit by the fire and drink some hot chocolate. Night had come and the temperature had continued to drop, so Jack Frost ceased his attempts to bring you outside. Instead, you had fallen asleep while he read you a book. Jack studied you with his bright blue eyes and smiled fondly. He set the book aside and gently scooped you up into his arms before carrying you up to your bedroom. You blinked your tired ___ colored eyes open and you chuckled sleepily. “Sorry about falling asleep,” you told you and gently ran your fingers through his hair. There he laid you down and then glanced around the room. You scooted over in your bed and patted the bed beside you with a yawn. He took a deep breath before slowly climbing into your bed beside you; he pulled you into his arms and let you snuggle up close. Jack stayed with you until you fell asleep.


    Black sand swirled around and slipped into your bedroom. The sand mad soft sounds as it continued to swirl and form the shape of a figure. Pitch stepped outside of the sand and smiled at your sleeping form. “You are just so happy, aren’t you ___? You have a guardian who loves you truly for who you are. What is it you fear then? Do you fear that maybe he will leave you one day and that the two of you won’t be able to be together? How are you two going to stay together when he never grows old and you will? You are simply human, you will die one day ___..” he cooed softly. You stirred in your sleep with a frown, pulling your blanket closer around you, the insecurities that Pitch gave you settled in. Pitch ran a hand through your hair, sending nightmares into your sleep. “Sweet dreams,” he whispered sarcastically and smirked. He vanished from your room with a swirl of black sand.


    Jack Frost decided to stay in your house and would surprise you in the morning. He leaped up your stairs happily and frowned when he saw you tossing and turning so much in your sleep, practically tangled in the sheets of your bed. You whimpered and Jack rushed over, pushing your hair away from your sweaty face. “___, wake up,” he urged you and placed a hand on your shoulder. He shook you gently but you failed to wake up. No matter what Jack did, he could not get you to wake up; he even dumped water on you, reluctantly if he might add. It was easy to figure out quite quickly, that something was wrong and that this wasn’t normal. “___,” Jack mumbled worriedly and looked around the room for any sign of what could be wrong. Something caught his eye and he slowly squatted down, gently he picked up some black sand between his fingers. “Pitch… I thought we defeat him..” Jack whispered and grabbed his staff. He looked over at you and placed a kiss on your forehead. “I will be back ___, I promise,” he told you and flew off towards the North Pole.

    “WHAT?! Pitch is back.. again?! And my belly didn’t tell me so?” North shouted and paced about his office. He turned to Jack and placed both his large hands on Jack’s shoulders. “First we need to focus on helping ___, then we will deal with Pitch. I already contacted Sandman,” North told Jack and slammed his hands down on his desk, sending the nice list fluttering to the floor. Jack nodded slowly and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. A golden glow filled the room and Jack spun around to face Sandman. “Sandy,” he said desperately and a question mark appeared above the golden man’s head. Jack Frost squatted down to his height and explained about how he had fallen in love with you and about how he couldn’t seem to wake you up, and finally about the black sand that had been in the room. Sandman knew that Pitch had grown much stronger now if his victim wasn’t able to wake up and a simple touch wouldn’t be able to save you. A series of images fluttered above Sandman’s head, North and Jack Frost just stared at him in confusion. “Look Sandy, let’s just do what needs to be done, no matter how hard it will be to do,” Jack said, interrupting the images. Sandman nodded solemnly.


    Jack Frost set his staff down against your dresser and walked over to you, Sandman, and North. North had taken a set in your desk chair and was now studying your room with great interest. Sandman motioned Jack over and so he hurried over and sat down beside the golden man. It took a long time but North and Jack had finally figured out what Sandman had been trying to say, Jack would have to go into your dreams himself and pull you out of your nightmares, help you feel less fearful. It could be dangerous, if Jack didn’t successfully pull you out, he could be stuck in your head forever and also haunted by nightmares. A final question mark appeared above Sandman’s head, as if asking if Jack was ready. Jack Frost nodded and watched as Sandman placed his fingers on your forehead, and then against Jack’s. Sandman focused all his energy and a sizzling glow filled the room as Jack’s eyes fluttered closed and his body went limp. North rushed over and caught Jack Frost before his head hit the floor.

    Jack opened his eyes and looked around the terribly dark room. You were nowhere in sight and he feared that he might not be able to find you. He took a few hesitant steps around the room and spotted a few pictures of you when you were smaller, there were also a few drawings. One of the drawings had been ripped in half, written near the picture was ‘Jack Frost’. It was a younger child’s interpretation of what they had thought Jack looked like. He laughed softly and lightly rested his fingers against the drawing. He briefly wondered why the picture had been ripped in half but the drawing then became black sand under his touch. Jack’s blue eyes widened in surprise and fear rippled through him. He quickly shook his head though, he couldn’t be scared, he had to be strong for ___ and his fear would only make the nightmares stronger. Jack took off running, he ran down the long spiral stairs at such a speed that he couldn’t slow down. He ran face first into the door at the very bottom of the stairs and he groaned. Jack rubbed his face and yanked the door open to be blasted by a chilly wind. Usually he didn’t get cold very easily but this wind… this blizzard made his very soul shiver. “___!” he yelled into the wind and wrapped his arms around himself as he shuffled through the snow. He wasn’t sure how long he walked or whether he was walking straight or in circles. It felt like he had been walking for hours, his nose was numb along with his bare feet. Jack felt exhausted and like he could pass out any moment.

    Your boyfriend stumbled into a cave and leaned heavily against the way, breathing heavily. “J-J-Jack?” you sputtered, curled up in a corner of the cave. His blue eyes widened at the sound of your voice and he rushed over to you, pulling you into a cold, wet hug. “Jack… I thought you were gone.. and that you weren’t.. c-coming back,” you sobbed and pulled him closer to you, your face hidden in his neck. Jack frowned and gently ran his fingers through your hair. “Of course not, I would never leave you ___..” he said softly. Jack knew that Pitch could play on your fears, which meant that somewhere in that pretty little mind of yours, you feared that the two of you wouldn’t work out. That had to be the main reason.. the main problem that the Boogey man used, Pitch had used Jack Frost against you. “I would never ever leave you ___, I promise you that. We can work this out, it won’t matter how long it will take or how hard it will be. I love you and that will never change,” he told you and placed his hands against your cheeks. Your ___ colored eyes met his; a small smile crossed your face. The temperature in the cave seemed to become warmer as the nightmare weakened. Jack leaned forward and pressed the most passionate kiss he could muster to your lips, making sure to involve all his feelings. Your eyes drifted shut as you kissed Jack back just as passionately. Jack’s eyes remained opened just long enough to see the dream shatter; he held your hand tightly in his.


    Jack blinked his blue eyes open and groaned to see North examining him so closely. “Okay, that was just creepy,” Jack told him which caused North to laugh whole heartedly. North looked over at Sandman and patted his shoulder with a grin. “Jack has returned,” North informed him and Sandman nodded with a smile. Jack sat up slowly and grinned when he saw you were also awake and rubbing your eyes. “Good morning ___,” he told you as you laid on your stomach so that you could look over the side of the bed at him. You tilted your head with a smile. “Good morning, I have a feeling you really helped me and that I owe you,” you informed him. Jack blinked in surprise and curiosity. You jumped off of your bed and tackled him into a warm embrace and a passionate kiss. North chuckled and blinked as sand flew in front of his eyes, blocking his view. “Alright, alright Sandy. I get it, let’s get going,” North whispered and disappeared along with Sandman.

    The two of you pulled away, breathless but very happy indeed. “Are you still worried?” Jack whispered and rolled over so that he was on top of you now, though he held up his weight so he didn’t crush you. You raised your eye brows and shook your head a little bit. “I always will be a little bit, but we will figure it out just like you said. I love you Jack Frost and I always will and as long as you stand by my side, things will be alright,” you replied. Jack rested his forehead against yours and rubbed his nose against yours. “Good, we can worry together, but only a little,” he informed you with a cheeky grin.


    Pitch stared up at the beating sun and retreated back into the shadows of his secret lair. He sat down with a malicious laugh and rested his hands in his lap as he sat down. “That was only a trial run Frost, don’t be too joyful just yet. This excursion has only just begun,” Pitch said and stroked the sandy black stallions that walked around the lair, ready for their master’s command.


To be continued…
So I really did end up writing a second one because so many people wanted one. Consider it a late christmas gift. Hope you had a good holiday and enjoy this story. I really do love his childish personality and he can even be mature at times. I wanted a problem to come up in this second one and of course the bad guy Pitch came to mind. I tried to keep this one a bit more serious than the first one but still made sure it wasn't too heavy. I've been working on this one for a while and I wanted to have it done on Christmas but that hadn't worked out. Better lat than never! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Chapter 1- [link]
Chapter 2- You are here
Chapter 3- [link]
Chapter 4- [link]
Chapter 5- [link]
Chapter 6- Coming soon

I love comments ;).

I don't own Jack Frost or any of the Rise of the Guardian Characters. Also, I don't own the preview image.
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