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January 12, 2013
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    “Kyoya, that girl you’ve been tutoring.. do you like her?” Tamaki asked. Today Tamaki had returned to the Ootori household with Kyoya in order to study. Kyoya didn’t mind this; Tamaki usually comes over at random times to study or just to visit and bother him. Even with such an annoying friend, Kyoya couldn’t imagine having not met the blonde, part French boy with such a flamboyant personality. Kyoya twitched, Tamaki knew that he liked silence when studying and this question made him lose his place in the textbook. Slowly Kyoya looked up at the blonde with a raised eyebrow. Tamaki fidgeted in his seat with a smile, his purple eyes glistening with curiosity. “You’ve been spending a lot of time with her and she has even come to club sometimes to sit at your table. Do you love her?” Tamaki continued and leaned forward, inquiring from Kyoya. The Ootori smirked and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he leaned back a bit in his chair, he crossed his arms over his chest. Kyoya picked up the Dictionary off the table and set it down before flipping it to the L section. He cleared his voice a bit as he ran his finger down the pages in search of the word. “Love- Noun. 1. A profoundly tender passionate affect for another person. 2. A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. Verb. To have love or affection for another person, be in love. Synonyms: adulation, affection, allegiance, appreciation…” Kyoya read aloud. Tamaki glared at him over the book and waved his arms in the air a bit to stop Kyoya. “I don’t need to know the definition, I know what it is,” Tamaki put in desperately. Kyoya paused his reading for a moment to chuckle. He glanced at Tamaki then back down at the book. “Antonyms: dislike, hate, hatred…”


    “Tutoring?” you groaned and stabbed your fork into the broccoli on your plate. You sighed and looked up at your parents who sat across the table from you. What could you possibly need tutoring for? Well, you attend Ouran High School with most of the elite schools where rich students in the country of Japan attend. You were a foreign exchange student and you were struggling with classes a lot more than you had before. Your mother smiled and rolled her eyes a bit at your childish behavior. “Don’t play with your food ___, and yes tutoring. We’ve arranged for one of the best students to be your tutor,” you mother informed you and took a delicate sip from her glass. You and your mother don’t exactly get along, she would like you to get all A’s in school and just be absolutely perfect. Slowly you moved some of your ___ colored hair out of your face and you stood with a huff. “You probably work with the family that will be tutoring or you are just using me to get closer to the family,” you told her. Your father’s eyes narrowed in controlled anger as he shook his head. “You will be tutored, now go to your room,” he instructed you. Just for one last jest, you did a quick bow rather than a curtsy and then left the room.

    You arrived in your classroom the next day and took your seat in the middle of the room. Today would be your first day of tutoring with the student Kyoya Ootori who just happens to sit next to you in this class. Normally the two of you would exchange a hello and that would be it, but today you refused to spare the boy a glance. Noticing your sour mood, Kyoya set his books on his desk and sat in his desk; calculating just how to approach you on the subject of tutoring tonight. Slowly he turned in his chair so that he was facing you and pushed his glasses up before flashing you a host smile. “Good morning ___ ___,” he said. You rolled your bright ___ colored eyes and simply start tapping your pencil on the edge of your desk. Kyoya’s grey eyes slid down to watch your pencil then back up to your face. “How are you feeling today?” he asked and opened up one of his journals to write the warm-up in, turning his intense gaze away from you. You sighed, knowing he would continue talking to you even if you didn’t answer. “I’m fine thank you,” you grumbled and glanced over at him. Despite the fact that you didn’t want to be tutored by Kyoya, you also knew he was quite smart because you had seen the grades on his test when the teacher handed them out sometimes. “Your accent is quite interesting ___, you are from ___ (country) right?” he asked as he continued writing in his note book. You didn’t want to know how he knew where you were from; you didn’t think your accent gave you away that much. Hesitantly you nodded and stopped tapping your pencil. Since Kyoya sensed he caught you off guard, he smirked with is face turned at an angle where you couldn’t see the smirk. “I will be coming over to your house today after classes to begin tutoring,” he stated now looking up at you since he had made his face blank. You frowned sourly, but nodded, your parents would probably want to see your tutor anyway. “Just for today though, your house on the other days,” you told him and pointed your pencil in his direction. Kyoya blinked at your demand. ‘Hmm, quite interesting indeed.’


    Tamaki placed a hand on the dictionary to try and cover the page. “Please Kyoya, stop!” Tamaki whined. Kyoya closed the large book on his friend’s hand. Tamaki’s purple eyes widened and tears formed in his eyes, not needing the fake tears that he and the other hosts often used in club. “Ow! Kyoya, mon ami! Why would you do that?!” he whimpered and pulled his hand out of the book, holding it to his chest protectively. ‘Idiot’ Kyoya thought with a smile. “Don’t ask bothersome, stupid questions,” Kyoya countered and placed the dictionary aside.


    You later learned that Kyoya didn’t like to do things unless they would benefit him in some way. In what way could tutoring you benefit Kyoya? You parents had met Kyoya had encouraged you to befriend him; you had been right when you had said that they hoped to be able to work with the Ootori’s. The two of you had already had several study secessions, and though you don’t like to admit it, you really had improved in all of your classes. He was a good teacher when he didn’t get impatient with you. Today Kyoya wasn’t doing tutoring due to the host club. You stopped walking and glanced up at the sign above the room- ‘music room 3’. Slowly you took a deep breath and pushed the door open to be greeted by the famous Ouran Hosts- Tamaki, Kyoya, Mori, Honey, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Haruhi. Rose petals spun and glided out the door, one landing in your hair as you stared at them in shock. ‘What…?’ you thought simply while Tamaki enthusiastically greeted you. “So you are the girl who has stolen our shadow king from us!” the blonde says good heartedly but studies you carefully. You fidget under his gaze and smooth out the yellow dress you were required to wear as the female Ouran uniform. “Uh yes, and I’m here to see Kyoya,” you told him, some of your confidence draining. Kyoya tilted his head at this and bowed. “Follow me to my table ___,” Kyoya said and flashed you a charming host smile, you still couldn’t get used to that smile of his- though you quickly figured out that, this host smile was not a true smile of his.

    You sat down at his table after he pulled your chair out for you and you narrowed your eyes at him. Kyoya sat across from you and blinked at the cold glare you sent him, it simply surprised him, even if he could much better glares. “Is something bothering you?” Kyoya asked and poured you a cup of tea. You crossed your arms over your chest and narrowed your ___ colored eyes at him. “I want to know what you are up to,” you snapped. Kyoya poured himself a cup of tea and then took a sip. ‘The little princess is suspicious of me’ he thought with a dark chuckle. “Up to something? I’m always up to something Miss. ___. What something are you referring to?” Kyoya replied mysteriously and flipped some of his black colored hair out of his face. You scooted your chair closer to the table, in turn scooting closer to him. “Why are you tutoring me?” you demanded. He placed his cup of tea down and leaned forward so his face was inches from yours. “Money,” he replied bluntly. You flinched away from him and turned to watch the other hosts and their activities. “Bastard,” you hissed and stood from the table suddenly, causing the table to wobble. Kyoya stood also and caught the table before the tea cups and silverware fell from the table. “And to think that I had started to consider you to be a not so bad person… I had even started to do so much better in my classes and I was going to be polite and thank you.. You are just like most people who attend Ouran, all you care about is yourself and money,” you shouted, not caring that other guests or hosts could hear you.  This wasn’t one of your best visits to the host club, you had been a few times but this definitely deemed worthy of your absolute worst visit. You raised a hand and slapped him hard across his cheek before storming out of the club. Kyoya blinked several times when Tamaki walked over to scold him about treating his customer carelessly and upsetting her. He rested a hand against his bright red cheek.


    The doorbell rang and both Tamaki and Kyoya look towards the front door. “I think it is about time for you to leave Tamaki,” Kyoya said and stood, gathering all of the blonde’s belongings into a pile. He handed the stuff over to Tamaki and the blonde slowly stood. “But why do I have to leave?” Tamaki complained and tried to peek out the window to see who was outside the front door. Kyoya grabbed onto Tamkai’s shirt and spun him around before ushering him out the back door. “Bye Tamaki, get rest for club tomorrow,” Kyoya said and smirked. He closed the back door in the Host King’s face and Tamaki frowned. Slowly he sneaked around the house to see just who had gotten you thrown out of his best friend’s house.


    To say the least, you avoided Kyoya for a few weeks and your grades showed it. Your parents finally got tired of your behavior and drove you to Kyoya’s house themselves one day. You climbed out of the car reluctantly and caught your backpack that was tossed in your general direction before they drove off. “Nice, ditch your daughter on the driveway of someone else’s house,” you grumbled and trudged up to the door. Before you could knock, the door was opened and the teen you had been avoiding stood in the doorway, the red mark on his cheek almost totally faded. “Your parent’s called,” he said in response of your unasked question, how had he known you’d be here. He opened the door wider and you stepped inside. “My bedroom?” he asked. Usually the two of you did the tutoring in the kitchen but clanking could be heard from the kitchen so you figured it was occupied today. “Fine,” you agree and follow him up to the bedroom. Once you sat down on his bed you pulled out your homework and spread it out in front of you. Kyoya grabbed his desk chair and pulled it over to the bed before sitting in it, back straight and ready to teach. “Look… I know you are a jerk and all… and deserved the slap, but I’m sorry,” you mutter and decide that the two of you should tackle the math homework first. Kyoya slumped down in his hair a bit and rested his chin in the palm of his hand as he studied the sheet you had handed him. You looked down and fidgeted, glancing at him from under your eyelashes. After avoiding him, you kind of forget just how handsome he is despite the fact that he his tall, thin, and pale.

    Kyoya looked up when you didn’t reply to his question after he explained the problem and caught you staring, and not paying attention. You blushed when his grey colored eyes met your own ___ colored ones and you looked away with a glare. “I have something for you,” Kyoya said catching you off guard. You watched him pull an envelope out of his uniform and he held it out to you. Now you couldn’t help but eye him suspiciously before snatching the envelope out of his hand. Slowly you turned your gaze down and recognized the handwriting on the envelope immediately, it was your parents and it was addressed to Kyoya. ‘Why is he giving me this?’ you thought in confusion and opened the envelope to see the money that your parents had sent to Kyoya for the tutoring. “You are giving me this? I thought you wanted this?” you asked and looked up at him. His usual calculating, calm gaze had changed, and you couldn’t place what the emotion was that you saw in his eyes. “In the beginning your family had seen me tutoring you as a benefit, and it has benefitted them. My parents have been doing more business with them as of recently, and I saw it as a way to get a little extra money to put into the Host Club since Tamaki doesn’t see the need to save money. I don’t need it,” he said and shook his head. You held the envelope back out to him but he refused to take it so you tossed it onto his bed beside your homework. “Then what do you see as a new benefit? You wouldn’t tutor me if you hadn’t seen a new reason to do it,” you accused him, though not in a harsh voice. Kyoya smiled, not a host smile but just a natural smile of his. He winked and continued to help you with your homework. ‘So smart’ he thought.

    The two of you had an acceptable relationship now, you didn’t hate the Ootori and you didn’t mind doing tutoring with him so much anymore. You stopped calling him a jerk he started being more polite towards you and tutored you for free. You were starting to develop a crush on the mysterious, interesting, brilliant, charming, sly, host- or shadow king. Though he could get on your nerves- he could send your emotions and thoughts spiraling and never failed to surprise you, especially one night when you had returned for tutoring a few weeks later.

    You watched the host stand and you were shocked to see him knock all your homework off the bed. “Hey! W-What are you doing?” you sputtered as he climbed onto the bed and pushed you over so you were lying back on the bed. Kyoya pressed his forehead to yours and lightly ran his fingers through your ___ colored hair like he had longed to do so many other times before. “You wanted to know what the new benefit is for tutoring you, right? The benefit I get is being able to spend more time with you ___,” he whispered into your ear.

    Your ___ colored eyes widened and you pushed his chest so that you could see his face better. “What.. you like me?” you asked. He chuckled and you blushed as you could feel both his heart beat and chuckle in his chest. “I do ___, I don’t need your money, or your family’s business. All I need is you,” he answered honestly and studied your bright red face. When you opened your mouth to say something else, he leaned forward and passionate kiss on your lips that revealed all the emotions he kept hidden from others. You melted into the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck while kissing him back and you ran your fingers through his hair. Finally Kyoya pulled away when both of you needed to catch your breath. “Well princess, want to know the benefits of becoming my girlfriend?” he asked and placed feathery soft kisses along your neck, causing you to gasp. Kyoya was no longer holding back his feelings for you and his passion practically leaked from his skin. “M-M-Maybe,” you stutter, hardly able to speak as you fidgeted underneath him. Kyoya placed a final kiss on your collar bone before looking up at you with a sly smirk. He placed a kiss on the corner of your lips and the two of you looked up when Kyoya’s bedroom door opened to reveal Kyoya’s sister. “O-Oh, this doesn’t look like studying Kyoya! Get off that poor girl, mom and dad would kill you to see how un-gentlemen like you are acting right now,” Fuiyumi gushed and Kyoya sighed against your cheek.

    The host climbed off of you and gathered up your homework off the floor as you sat up and lightly rubbed your neck where his kisses still seemed to tingle against your neck. The two of you were moved back into the kitchen to study for the rest of the week, but you had decided to give the host a chance and the two of you only grew closer and closer. He had later stated that the benefits of staying with him were as follows: he would care for you always, he wouldn't let you down, he would work his hardest, and he would make sure that you would always be able to lean on him for anything.


  You looked up when Kyoya opened the front door and you shoved a bouquet of flowers in his direction. “I think the boyfriend is the one that is supposed to buy the flowers,” Kyoya said with a chuckle but accepted the flowers. He set the flowers down and pulled you into an embrace before placing a kiss to your lips. Tamaki tripped over a lawn gnome at the sight of the two of you. You both turned to look at him and you laughed softly. “Hi Tamaki,” you told him and raise your eye brows. Tamaki blushed bright red at being caught by the two of you and he quickly stood. He laughed nervously and waved bye as he ran towards his limo where his driver waited. You look up at Kyoya and poke his nose gently. “Did you torture the poor boy again?” you ask him and laugh when he shrugged innocently. You rolled your eyes and lightly bury your face in his chest. “Why don’t you just tell him we are together Kyoya?” you asked. He placed a finger under your chin and made you look up at him.

   “Because, if I do… he’ll ask when we are getting married and claim that he should be the best man and go on and on,” Kyoya explained with an irritated face, just at the thought of how Tamaki would act. You decided that you would make your boyfriend blush since you were the only person that could. “So you aren’t going to marry me some day?” you asked teasingly with a pout. A light shade of pink spread across Kyoya’s cheeks and he cleared his throat. “Why don’t you come in, instead of standing outside?” he asked and released the embrace. Once you stepped inside, he closed the door behind you and placed a kiss on the top of your head.

    “I will marry you ___, I just don’t need that idiot telling me how to do it and when.. not that I listen to him anyway,” Kyoya promised; now both of you were blushing. Kyoya pulled a flower gently out of the bouquet you bought him and handed it to you. “I love you ___,” he whispered and placed another kiss to your lips.

I hope it isn't too confusing, I go back and forth in the story between the present (Kyoya and Tamaki talking) and the past. At first I was going to have it be your wedding day and have Kyoya remember the memories between you and him at Ouran but I changed my mind because I'm crazy like that and like to change ideas at the last minute. So this is what I cae up with and I hope you like it.

I quite enjoy getting comments ;)

Here is two other KyoyaXReader stories I've written:

I don't own Ouran High School Host Club or any of the Ouran characters. Also, I don't own the preview image.
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