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July 9, 2012
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     You grabbed the doorknob and carefully pulled the door open. A sweet scent fluttered through the air as rose petals danced their way out the door, lightly brushing against your yellow dress. "Welcome to the Host Club!" Tamaki announced with unshakeable confidence and elegant, practiced arm motions. You blinked your ___ colored eyes and took a step back, your eyes wide with surprise. He seemed like a genuine gentlemen but you still felt a bit uneasy. 'I could have sworn the sign outside of the room read Music room 3' you thought and took another step back. "Uh… I thought this was a music room?" you asked carefully and studied all seven boys dressed in the blue Ouran Academy school uniforms. The blonde teen's attitude didn't waver because people had stumbled into their club room countless times; not knowing the Host Club occupied the room. Even though most students found the room by accident, they would always return to be treated with care by the spectacular male students Tamaki gathered: Himself(Suou Tamaki), Ootori Kyoya, Morinozuka Takashi, Haninozuka Mitsukuni, Hitachiin Hikaru, Hitachiin Kaoru, and Fujioka Haruhi.

     Two boys that you recognized from a couple of your classes stepped forward in unison. Hikaru and Kaoru are identical twins with messy auburn hair, golden yellow eyes and were about the same height as you. One, and only one difference could be spotted by you, they parted their hair differently. The twins seem to have mastered the art of doing nearly everything not only simultaneously but in perfect mirror-symmetry with each other. "It's ___ from this morning," One of the twins said, you assumed it was Hikaru. You still weren't sure if you were telling them apart correctly, even after they helped you around the school all day.  The twins circled you like prey then each wrapped an arm around your shoulders, rendering you incapable of leaving.

     Tamaki glared at the two little devils but when he sensed your eyes watching him, he smiled one of his charming, welcoming smiles.  "This is indeed Music Room 3 ___ ___," said one of the teens with short black hair, a thin but tall frame, and glasses that help his gray colored eyes. You moved your eyes away from the attention hogging blonde and frowned. This teen is obviously older than you and you didn't have any classes together so you were unsure as to how he knew your name. Tamaki cleared his throat then introduced each member of the Host Club with elaborate hand movements, at times; you swore you saw sparkles around the 'king'.

     "I am Suou Tamaki, king and president of the Ouran Highschool Host Club. In our club we have different kinds of hosts to satisfy each and every one of our beautiful lady customers such as yourself. Ootori Kyoya over there with the clipboard is the vice president and 'cool type' in the club. Those two devilish twins over there are Hikaru and Kaoru as you already know so I shall skip over my explanation about the two of them. Now this small cake loving boy is Honey, the 'cute type'. The tall quiet man beside him is our 'wild type' Mori. Last but not least is my son Fujioka Haruhi," explained the flamboyant, excited host. You glanced at the twins that still have you cornered and raised your eyebrows. This room and Tamaki were quite weird, you had already figured that out so you weren't going to bother to try and figure out how Haruhi is his son. "Are you the loud type?" you asked Tamaki. The half Japanese, half French boy's jaw dropped and tears sprung to his bright purple eyes. Tamaki retreated to the corner of the room while the twins laughed wholeheartedly in your ears. "That was a good one," said the twin on your right, tears in his eyes since he had been laughing so hard.

     The twins gave each other a high five as huge grins spread across their faces. "Why don't you stay for awhile ___? We could make room for you at our table," the twins said in unison. Now you smiled nervously. "Oh no, I have an essay to write, I can't possibly stay," you told them and unwrapped both of their arms from around you. The boy that Tamaki had introduced as Kyoya stopped writing on his clipboard and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "Perhaps a different host would suit your needs rather than Hikaru and Kaoru?" he suggested. The more guests that came to the club, the more money the club would earn and the more prosperous it would be which was why he was determined to make you stay. You frowned, how could you say no? Especially, after upsetting the president of the club enough to cause him to cry in a corner. After glancing towards the blonde who somehow had mushrooms growing around and on him, you nodded. "I guess I could stay just this one time..." you replied uneasily. A smirk crossed Kyoya's face and he studied the club room, each host's tables were full today except for his. His gray eyes turned back to you and he bowed, holding out a hand. "Would you like to join my table for the evening? Today we are serving green tea and a delicate ice cream cake. If you don't like one of those, I'm sure we could find something to your liking? Honey makes sure we have plenty of cakes," he told you and flashed you a dazzling smile, one that reminded you a lot of Tamaki. The president seemed to have recovered and moved back over to where you stood. "___ ___ was it? I hope you enjoy your time in our Host Club that is dedicated to fine young ladies such as yourself," he told you with a wink.

     The seven boys dispersed to different tables though the twins stuck together. You reached up and lightly took a hold of Kyoya's hand, allowing him to lead you to his table where not a single girl sat. 'How come nobody requested Kyoya?' you wondered and lowered yourself into one of the plush, comfortable chairs. Kyoya stood across from you and picked up a tea pot, tilting it at just the right angle and with grace that you didn't have. Tea splashed and swirled around your cup but did not go over the rim and spill. Without sparing you a glance, Kyoya carefully cut you a small slice of cake and placed it on a plate with great precision and grace. Finally he took the seat across from you and poured himself a cup of tea.

     "Hey... Kyoya, how come the other hosts have so many girls at their tables, but I am the only one at yours?" you asked with a frown. Kyoya didn't seem fazed by the question and lightly rested his elbow on the table and his chin in a hand. "I'm the Vice President of the Host Club. I handle the business and financing for the club, while also keeping the idiotic Tamaki under control. You could say I am more of a background character in this club. I'm not loud and attention demanding like Tamaki. I'm nicknamed 'shadow king' for a reason," he said simply while giving you a calculating look. Your ___ colored eyes met his gray ones, you wondered if he was happy being a 'background character'. "Well, even so... I will still call you Kyoya," you told him and took a sip of the tea he had kindly poured you. You were surprised that the tea was indeed very good. After a moment, you squirmed in your seat, not sure what to talk about. Your host sensed your uneasiness and set his clipboard aside, giving you his undivided attention. "I understand that you are a new student ___ ___. Your parents work in the technology industry and provide many parts and machinery to hospitals around the world, correct?" Kyoya said, playing his role of being a host by trying to talk and interest you. You nodded your head, shocked to hear that he knew about you and your family. Did he do research on you or does he know stuff about everyone in the school? You had a feeling it was the second option. "Your family business provides quite nicely to the Ootori hospitals, it is a great help and honor to work with your family," Kyoya continued smoothly. You set your cup of tea down and smiled. "I knew I had heard your family name before and now I know why. Are you studying in the medical field?" you replied, picking up your fork so that you could eat some cake. The reply didn't come right away; there was a palpable tension in the air. You were reluctant to look up from the delicious looking cake in front of you, but you managed to slowly raise your ___ colored eyes to his gray ones. The smile that now crossed Kyoya's face was a strained one. "Honestly, I want nothing to do with the medical field or my family's business," he replied, struggling to remain easy going and cool. You wondered why but wouldn't dare ask since it was obvious that he didn't like the subject.

     You returned your gaze down to the beautiful, sweet cake that sat in front of you, tempting and begging you to at least have a small taste. With the fork, carefully you cut yourself a bite size part of the slice and placed it in your mouth. Your ___ colored eyes widened in surprise and you blushed. "This is actually really good Kyoya," you admitted sheepishly, glad you had stayed at the Host Club despite your doubts. Your host chuckled and shook his head a bit; you looked adorable when you were so happy. "You've got some icing on yourself. Allow me to get it off," Kyoya said and leaned forward. Your face went a even brighter red when he pressed his lips to yours, easily getting the frosting off your upper lip. You pulled away quickly and placed a hand against your lips, not able to believe that he had done that. Normally you would have been downright excited about a boy kissing you... But you weren't right now.. You knew that he had only given you the kiss because of the club. Now you stood from your seat hurriedly. "I-I have to go.. Thank you for being my host this evening," you announced to Kyoya. Before he could get a single word in, you had rushed out of music room 3, leaving the shadow king to remain in the shadows and do his work.

     After Tamaki was able herd out the remaining guests, he closed the music room three doors with a grin. "We did a great job today everyone!" he announced happily and turned to face his 'family'. "What do you think mother?" he asked and peered at his best friend Kyoya. There was no immediate response, causing a frown to cross Tamaki's face. He turned to face Kyoya completely who seemed to be lost, writing in his notes. Tamaki walked over and tried to get a peek at what Kyoya was focusing so much on, but failed because Kyoya angled the clipboard so that the blonde couldn't see his handwriting. "The club guests have increased 3% over this month but so has the use of club funding. We need to find another way to gain money for the club or use less money, I suggest using less money," replied 'mother' or Kyoya. Tamaki grinned then turned to face the other hosts. "Your homework is to think of ways to use less money in the club while I get my beauty sleep. You are all dismissed," Tamaki announced enthusiastically.  The entire group of club members left with their bags. Kyoya was fully aware that none of them were going to do the homework assigned by Tamaki. He sighed, knowing it would his duty to do the homework then. Instead of heading home like everyone else, he pulled out his laptop and pulled up Google. He light placed his fingers over the keys; instead of typing what he had originally was going to type... He searched your name.


     Hikaru walked into the club room, half asleep as his brother dragged him around the school. "Hikaru, this is important! I left my lucky pen around here somewhere," Kaoru insisted for the millionth time this morning. Hikaru groaned and rubbed his tired golden eyes. "I heard you the first time," he complained and glanced about the room for the stupid pen. Kaoru walked into the back room of the club and spotted Kyoya asleep with his head on the desk with his laptop open. A sly grin crossed Kaoru's face and he walked over, lightly he placed his finger against the touchpad, bringing the computer back to life. "Kaoru?" Hikaru called and walked into the room. His twin quickly shushed his brother and motioned him to come over.

     Hikaru and Kaoru both gaze at the laptop screen to see the last thing he had looked up before falling asleep. On the first tab was boring finance information for the club, the second tab had information about his family business, and the third and final tab had your name typed in the search bar along with information about yourself. The twins looked at each other and grinned. "Hm, what should we do with this bit of black mail, oh brother dear?" Kaoru asked and leaned back. Hikaru rested a finger against his cheek thoughtfully. Finally Hikaru leaned forward and whispered into Kaoru's ear. Mischievous looks crossed their faces and Kaoru picked up his pen off of Kyoya's desk. The two left their unsuspecting victim to sleep.

     You plopped down into your assigned seat in the back of the classroom for your first class of the day. Today you had decided to forget all about the Host Club but you found that impossible since the Hitachiin twins walked into the room, causing girls around the room to erupt into giggles. The twins took their seats in the chairs in front of you. Hikaru turned to face you with a grin and tapped your desk lightly to get your attention. You look up from the warm-up you had been working on and raised your eye brows. "Hey ___, are you going I come to club again today? Maybe you can come to our table today instead of boring Kyoya's table?" he said and tilted his head. You smile and shake your head. "I wasn't going to go to the club today. I had to stay up really late last night to finish homework due to you hosts," you replies and waved off his comment. Kaoru pouted at your response and turned to face you also. "How about we play a game ___? If we win, then you have to come to club and sit at our table. If we lose, you can go home," Kaoru asked and sent his brother a knowing smile. Hikaru grinned and held out a hand to you. "Deal?" he asked. Reluctantly you took his hand and shook it. Both twins stood from their seats since class hadn't started yet and placed hats on their heads. The two boys made quick movements, making it hard to keep up with them. "Which one is Hikaru?" they asked in unison. You have to admit, you had no clue. Now you pointed to the twin on the left. "Wrong!" they cheered victoriously and took off their hats as they sat in front if you again. You sighed and hung your head in defeat. The twins looked at each other then back at you, each placed their fingers under your chin and made to look up at their golden eyes. "___, we have changed our minds," said Hikaru. Kaoru nodded in agreement. "Instead of sitting with us, you will have to sit with Kyoya again," finished Kaoru. You frowned, it wasn't fair that they were suddenly changing the rules but you had lost the game fair and square. The twins noticed your frustration and each wrapped an arm around your shoulders again. "Look, Kyoya is a very hard person to understand. We have known him for years and he is still a complete mystery to us. Tamaki knows the most about Kyoya since they are best friends but I don't think even the king understands Kyoya completely. Our mission for you is to figure out Ootori Kyoya," whispered the twins. 'Oh great' you thought with a sigh, but a deal is a deal.


     You walked into music room 3 with more confidence than yesterday. Similar to yesterday, you were greeted by the flamboyant Tamaki and other hosts. "You just couldn't stay away, I knew you would come around," Tamaki told you with a cocky smile. You made a face at the blonde but gave him a smile, not wanting to hurt his feelings again. "I guess I just couldn't resist," you replied easily and flashed him one of your best smiles. The blonde seemed surprised by your sudden change of attitude compared to yesterday. Now you turned your attention to Kyoya. "Would it be alright if I sat at your table again?" you asked, lightly shuffling your feet. Kyoya pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose with a sigh, a smile crossed his face. "I was hoping to be able to work today.." he started. Tamaki held up a hand with a huge frown. "Kyoya, you can't possibly say no to the lady!" Tamaki insisted and gave you a light nudge forward, causing you to bump into Kyoya. The dark haired boy obviously didn't expect this because his clip board slipped from his hands and he reached out to steady you, making sure you wouldn't fall. Hikaru scooped up the board eagerly and frowned to see that thre was no writing on the papers held by the clipboard. "What work, there is nothing here," the twins said in unison as Kyoya tucked the paper her had been working on into a pocket. Kyoya held out a hand and the twins returned the clip board, obviously disappointed. The shadow king turned to face you again and held out his arm, accepting the fact that he would have to be your host for today. You hooked your arm through his, more determined than ever. Throughout the day you inquired about Kyoya to see what is known and said about Kyoya around the school. It is said that Kyoya is a quiet, selfish, efficient, and cold.

    You refused to believe this, especially after what you had seen in his eyes yesterday. For the next couple of weeks, you continued to visit the host club and constantly requested Kyoya as your host.


     Today, like any other day, you went to the host club after classes. Lightly you hooked your arm into Kyoya's and you allowed him to lead you back to his designated table. "You know you can't fool me with this disguise you have right?" you said quietly so only he could hear. The black haired boy looked down at you with a confused look in his gray eyes, he raised an eyebrow at him. "People say that you only do things for others if you know you will get something in return. Other students also say you are mean and cold, I don't believe that and know that this isn't true. I hadn't realized it, but i already had you figured out the first day we met," you replied to his look. As Kyoya pulled out a hair, you lowered yourself into it and smirked. Again he poured the two of you some tea and cut you a slice of cake, today there was a different kind of tea and cake displayed on the tables. Kyoya lowered himself into the chair across from you and he rested his chin in the palm of his hand, in a cool and collected manner. "Your disguise is flawed, your eyes are very expressive. You might think you have control over your emotions and such, but your eyes are like a open book," you continued on even though he hadn't said anything. Carefully you pick up your cup of tea and take a sip, your ___ colored eyes meeting his gray ones. The host gave you a look, obviously finding what you are saying to be utter BS and not believing you. "I judged you and your cold, easy going demeanor, like I'm sure many people have.... you are dedicated to the club. You want more girls to come and to make the club prosper, and in the club, you hosts perform for the female students with too much time on their hands. The other day, it had been obvious that you were trying to keep me in the club in order to help benefit the club and yourself, I assumed," you said and glanced down at your reflection in the tea. Kyoya watched your hesitant but determined face become more confident, this caused a smile to cross his face.

     He had to admit it, he was quite impressed. "I had assumed and judged you wrongly though. There had been something in your eyes, yesterday and even now that I hadn't been able figure out till this morning. You aren't cold but actually really kind, helpful, and quite caring. I didn't want to come to the host club, I assumed you were all players and horrible people which is why after you kissed me the first day we met, I thought you were just doing it for the club. Maybe you thought you were or managed to convince yourself of that... I don't think it is true," you said, finishing up your speech. A small smirk crossed Kyoya's face. "So you can see through my 'disguise' as you put it?" he asked. You nodded, quite sure of yourself. "If I'm wrong, you wouldn't kiss me again because you would have nothing to gain, since you know that a kiss would not change my mind about you and I already come to the club every day," you insisted and shoved some of your ___ colored hair out of your face. A thoughtful look crossed Kyoya's face for a moment, then a full natural smile spread across his face rather than his charming, host smiles. "You are correct about everything but one fact. I would have something to gain if I kissed you, I'd gain the chance to see you smile and blush adorably like the first day I was your host. You are very beautiful ___," he said, finally responding to what you had been saying. You blushed, wanting to wipe the smug look off his face. You leaned forward quickly and pressed your lips to his soft , unsuspecting ones. Kyoya's eyes widened briefly in surprise but they soon closed as he returned the kiss. The kiss was a soft, sweet, and delicate one, you never wanted it to end. You had to pull away though due to the necessity of air.

     "I can see right through your glamour Ootori Kyoya, and I like the real Kyoya I see," you said once you were able to catch your breath. You pointed a finger in his face lightly then gently poked his nose. "I 'really' like you Kyoya and I have learned a lot more about you over the weeks. I'd like to keep coming here to have you as my host... and possibly my boy friend?" you announced and stood. You held out a hand for him to shake. The host stood from his chair and took your hand, instead of shaking it, he pulled you into a warm embrace. A soft chuckle rumbled through Kyoya and he placed a small kiss on the top of your head. "I would be honored to have you as my girl friend," he whispered into your ear.



Extended Ending:

     You sat down on the couch in the huge mansion, flipping through a book. "What are you looking at?" asked the familiar soothing voice of your husband. You looked up from the book and grinned at the hard working Kyoya. "It's the year book from our years at Ouran High School," you told him and waved him over with a hand. He turned his gray eyes back to the laptop he was currently typing on and studied the screen for a moment longer before snapping it shut. He stood and walked over, sitting beside you on the couch. You pointed at the picture of you and Kyoya being announced as prom king and queen. "I remember Tamaki had been so mad, he had expected to be king," you told him and laughed whole heartedly. Kyoya smiled fondly down at the picture, having shaken off his glamour for you years ago.

     "What did Uncle Tamaki do?!" shouted a loud voice. You both looked up and pressed a finger to your lips, shushing him. Tamaki blinked his eyes in surprise to see the two do this in unison, practically giving the twins a run for their money. "Our daughter is sleeping and you are going to wake her," Kyoya said irritably, not treating Tamaki any differently than he had at Ouran. Having said this, your daughter walked out of her room, rubbing her tired eyes. Of course Tamaki isn't actually her uncle, but he insisted that your daughter call him uncle. The blonde scooped up the tired, not quite awake yet six year old and smiled. "How is my favorite and only niece?" he asked as he carried your daughter named ___ over to the couch. Tamaki squished in between you and Kyoya rather than just sitting next to Kyoya. Your daughter giggled tiredly. "Good," she said and looked down at the year book that you and Kyoya had been looking in. Tamaki followed the young girl's gaze. "___, I will tell you some stories about your mom and dad..." Tamaki started with a mischievous glint in his eye. You covered the blonde's mouth with a hand and rolled your eyes. "No, 'I' will tell you a story about how your father and I met," you interrupted with a wink. Kyoya laughed softly with a smile, as he listened to his wonderful wife tell your daughter a story.

    Though he hadn't liked his family or family business, he certainly liked the new one that he had made with you... along with Tamaki's help.. or so Tamaki says. The two he really had to thank were the twins and both of the twins knew it, they would never let him forget who pushed __ into his direction, and how she had broken his flawed disguise.
My second Ouran Highschool Host Club XReader, they are both Kyoya ones :) what can I say, I love Kyoya along with the twins. Though i haven't gotten around to doing ones for the twins yet. :3 I couldn't exactily figure out how to end it so sorry for the horrible and abrubt ending )':

Here is the two other KyoyaXReader stories I've written:

I don't own Ouran Highschool Host club or any of the characters, just the story. The picture also isn't mine it was found on google, a screen shot I believe.
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