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     "___, wake up!" your mother shouted from the other side of the bedroom door. A groan escaped your lips and you slowly pulled your fluffy ___ colored pillow over your head. "Five more minutes," you called back from beneath the pillow. Your mom turned the door knob and stepped into the room, hands on hips. "You've said that for the last fifteen minutes now. Do you want to see the exhibit or not?" she said, obviously frustrated that you haven't gotten out of the bed yet. 'Exhibit… what exhibit?' you thought and slowly moved the pillow away from your face so that you could see your mother's face. "Well?" she demanded. You blinked your mind still fuzzy since you had just woken up. You mother watched your face and sighed, she knew that look.

    She should have figured that you would forget about the new exhibit in the museum that you had wanted to see. "Aren't you the one that begged me to take you to the medical exhibit at the museum? The one that the Ootori family allowed to put on display?" she asked with a sigh. For a moment you just laid there, trying to comprehend what she was saying. 'Ootori…? Ah!' you thought, the words that came out of your mother's mouth finally made sense."That's today!?" you asked and quickly jumped out of bed, looking through your dresser and closet for clothes to wear. A small laugh escaped your mother's lips as she slipped out of the room.


     "Mom, you are awesome!" you cheered when she pulled up to the museum. She had agreed to take you to the museum but she wasn't at all interested in the medical equipment and history. "Call when you are ready to go. Don't be out to late or I will be calling you," she warned and flashed you a smile. You nodded before jumping out of the car and running up the steps of the museum. The museum was a big white building with posters from different exhibits such as the dinosaur exhibit, the shells exhibit, and butterfly exhibit. 'Wow, all this only makes me more excited' you thought with a grin. All around you were people going in and out of the museum or waiting for others to show up, or talking on the phone. The whole area just seemed so energized, and the energy was very contagious. Carefully you weave your way through the crowds of people and into the building. 'Ah, it's even more amazing on the inside' you thought in wonder as you studied the inside of the building. The ceiling was very high and hanging from the ceiling were very large models of a butterfly, dinosaur, and fish. "Look out," someone snapped as they bumped into you because you had stopped.

    You shot a glare in their direction but moved aside and walked over to the ticket booth. "One ticket for the Ootori Medical exhibit," you tell the woman. She took the money from you gratefully and handed over the ticket."You can't get into the exhibit without that ticket. There will be a person standing in the doorway for the exhibit. Just hand them this ticket. They will punch a hole into it and you will be allowed inside," she instructed carefully. You take the ticket and study the picture of a doctor's lab coat and equipment. "Right," you reply before turning and glancing about. The museum sure was busy today. You took a deep breath; you wouldn't let the crowd ruin your day. As you made your way over to the medical exhibit, multiple people bumped into you. 'Darn it' you thought but forced a smile onto your face again. You were about to enter the exhibit when the man standing to the side stuck a hand out, stopping you. "Ticket?" he asked and you shoved your hands into your pockets, searching them frantically.

    'Where did it go? I just had it!' you thought and searched your pockets again. The man gave you a disapproving look and motioned you to step aside. 'Darn, I can't afford to buy another ticket' you thought and groaned inwardly. You looked down at your shoes and fidgeted. The man who was punching holes would glance over in your direction every once and a while but wouldn't say anything to you. When a hand was placed on your shoulder, you quickly looked up. "Is there a problem?" a boy asked, who seemed to be around the same age as you. You smiled nervously and let out a sigh. "I had bought a ticket to get into the Ootori's medical exhibit but I dropped it and can't get in now," you explained and frowned. The boy had short black hair that made his face stand out, his grey eyes studied you calculatingly as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He shoved a hand into his pocket and pulled out two tickets before handing one over to you.

    "What?! Oh, I can't accept this, why are you helping me?!" you asked frantically. You eyed the ticket; it was indeed a very tempting offer. "I believe that anyone who is as excited as you are about getting into my family's exhibit should be allowed in. Take it," he said and held the tickets closer to your face. How could you say no?! You had been looking forward to the exhibit for weeks! Slowly you reached up and took one of the tickets. "T-Thank you…" you started but couldn't finish because he hadn't given you his name, he had only mentioned that he is part of the Ootori family.

     He blinked and lightly placed a hand over his heart before bowing a bit. "Ootori Kyoya," he said and then stood upright. You could already tell that he didn't seem to smile much. "Nice to meet you, I'm ___ ___," you reply and give him a grateful smile. He nodded and studied your face, making sure that he would remember who you are, the host club he is in required him to know people well so out of habit he made sure to remember people. "___ ___, allow me to give you the official tour of our exhibit," he said and lightly held out his arm. 'He's so proper!' you thought and blushed. Slowly you hooked your arm through his and walked back over to the man that was at the entrance of exhibit. He quickly punched both of your tickets. "Great to see you here Kyoya," the man said with a smile, he hadn't expected the youngest of the Ootori sons to be here. Your guide nodded and gently pulled you through the entrance.

    "Wow," you said with a gasp, your ___ colored eyes going wide. Kyoya glanced down at you and then around at the exhibit, he didn't find it very impressive since he wasn't interested in the family business. When a phone started ringing, you looked up at Kyoya as he pulled out his cell phone and flipped it open. He placed the phone to his ear.

     "Kyoya, where are you?" his best friend shouted into the phone to be heard over all the background noise in the museum. He glanced down at you with his grey eyes then around. "Tamaki, buy another ticket," he stated bluntly. Now he remained silent, waiting for the inevitable. "What?!" Tamaki shouted, sounding shocked. Kyoya flinched because of the loud tone he had used. "Get another ticket, I'm already in the exhibit and your ticket has already been used," he explained in a casual tone. He snapped his phone shut and shoved it back into his pocket.

    You bit your bottom lip lightly, you couldn't help but have overheard the conversation. "Whose ticket did you give to me?" you asked. At one point you had heard a male yell at Kyoya and hoped that it wasn't his brother's ticket or anything of that sort. "A loud obnoxious friend of mine, everyone from a club I'm in his here today, along with my family," he told you and lightly started walking, his arm still hooked with yours. You nearly stumbled because he had just suddenly started walking, obviously not fond of the topic about his family so you decided to stop asking him questions.

     Kyoya cleared his throat and motioned around. "My family owns an immense conglomerate organization that primarily deals in hospitals and other health-related products," he said and stopped at the first exhibit. You leaned over the looked at the tools closely. "This is the Physican supplies display case. Inside this particular case is a Disarticulated Skeleton, which is basically a model skeleton that isn't put together yet. This is to show all the different pieces. There are also many charts in there that doctors in our hospital and other locations will use to explain injuries," Kyoya explained, though he didn't sound so proud of his family's business. You examined the supplies in the case one last time before looking up at him with a frown. "Excuse my bluntness but you don't sound very happy about being here," you told him honestly. His gray eyes refused to meet your own ___ colored ones. "My family and issues are not your business. I'm just here to make sure you have fun," he said after a moment.

    He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and flashed you one of the smiles he would use on the guests at their host club. The blood rushed to your face, causing it to go a bright red color. "R-Right, sorry," you say quietly. You were embarrass since you had been prying. He watched you for a moment longer before pulling you towards the next display case. On the way though, he was stopped by many people. Everyone spoke with Kyoya; congratulating him on his family business, asking about the hospital, telling him stories about how his family had helped them, asked for an autograph, or wanted a picture with him. The whole situation was just overwhelming for you.

     "Kyoya!" a voice called. The two of you looked away from the woman who was currently talking to Kyoya and towards a group of boys who were heading towards you two. "Kyoya, there you are! I've been looking all over for you," said a tall blonde headed boy. He blinked when he noticed that your arm was hooked with Kyoya's arm. A handsome and natural smile spread across his face, a smile that he, the king, would use at their host club. "So this is why I had to buy my own ticket," he said and studied you. Now he bowed, the smile not leaving his face. "I'm Tamaki Suoh," the boy said. Tamaki has light blonde hair and blue-violet eyes. He stood upright again and motion to the boys that were around him. "We are friends of Kyoya's. This is Honey, Mori, Hikaru, and Kaoru, " he said.

    He motioned to each of the hosts with elaborate, smooth arm movements. Honey is quite short for his age with a very childish face. He has short blonde hair, pale skin and brown eyes. He smiled happily up at you. "Nice to meet you!" he cheered. Mori, the man that stood beside Honey protectively simply nodded. Mori was tall like Tamaki and Kyoya, but he had black hair, onyx colored eyes, and seemed to be even more serious than Kyoya. You also got the feeling that he didn't talk much. Finally you turned your gaze to the twins Hikaru and Kaoru that Tamaki had mentioned. The two twins have short, auburn, and somewhat messy hair and greenish colored eyes. The only difference that you could find was that they both parted their hair differently. "Nice to meet you all," you said after taking in Kyoya's friends.

    You turned your gaze up to Kyoya to see his reaction to his friends. He looked slightly irritated but here was something else to the look in his eyes that you couldn't figure out. 'Irritated… but happy?' you thought. "This is ___  ___," Kyoya said and glanced down in your direction. You blushed since he had caught you staring at him and quickly turned to look at his friends. The twins by this point had moved forward to study you more carefully, to the point that they were circling you and Kyoya. "W-What?" you sputtered, confused and anxious under their gazes. They both stopped and pointed at your face. "You are actually pretty cute for a commoner. No wonder Kyoya helped you get it," they said in unison. Mischievous smiles spread across their faces as they studied you. You weren't sure what they were planning, but they were indeed up to something. Kyoya gave your arm a light tug, pulling you away from the twins.

    "What do you guys think of the exhibit?" you asked. You had a feeling that they were here to provide Kyoya with support rather than to see the exhibit. Tamaki smiled and thrust his arms into the air. "It is a wonderful exhibit, very educational and interesting," he said with a passion. You made a face at him for a moment. "You like a lot of attention, don't you?" you asked. The blonde's jaw dropped and he slowly looked down at you. He sniffled and moved away from you, crouching down behind an exhibit while Mori, Honey, and the twins tried to cheer him up.

    Kyoya laughed whole heartedly and shook his head. "You got that right," Kyoya told you and looked down at you. Admiration flashed in his eyes for a moment which caused you to blush and look away from him. Again he tugged on your arm. "Come on, he'll get over your comment in a moment. Let us continue the tour," he said. You walked beside him and glanced one last time over your shoulder at Kyoya's friends.

     Kyoya fulfilled his promise and continued to take you to each exhibit. He would answer all your questions about the tools and posters. He never seemed to get impatient with your questions like you thought he would. "Kyoya," yet another person said. You were getting used to all the interruptions by now. The two of you turned and you blinked in surprise to see men that looked much like Kyoya, you figured they were related. Kyoya stiffened a bit and didn't even spare you a glance. "___, these are my brothers Yuuichi and Akito Ootori," he said calmly. He tried to remain calm and not get annoyed but his posture betrayed him. "We asked you to come but I didn't think you'd actual do it," Yuuichi said and narrowed his eyes at his younger brother. You frowned , you knew that Kyoya said that his family issues were not your problem but there was obviously some tensions between the brothers. Both Yuuichi and Akito wore nice tuxes and seemed to look down upon Kyoya. "You don't even work in our family business, you shouldn't have bothered to even show up," Akito added with a smirk while shoving his hands into his pockets.

    This pushed your last button. "I don't care who you are but you shouldn't treat Kyoya that way. He's your family and this exhibit is about your family's work so he has a right to be here. He even knows all about your family business so he could supply just as much information as you could. Stop acting like jerks towards him," you snapped. Both of Kyoya's brothers looked at you, just noticing you for the first time. Yuuichi narrowed his eyes at you. "Who do you think you are?" he asked quietly, trying not to lose his temper. A woman, Kyoya's sister, you assumed, rushed over and put a hand on both Akito's and Yuuichi's arm. "Come on you two, mother and father are looking all over for you," she said and smiled. She pulled the two brothers away from you two and gave Kyoya a wink. "I like your girlfriend," she mouthed to Kyoya. Kyoya pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and glanced back down at you.

    "Why did you stand up for me like that? You hardly know me," he said and turned to face you. You fidgeted under his gaze and shook your head. "They were being rude and you are a very intelligent and nice guy. You've given me no reason to believe that they have a good reason to treat you like that," you explained and smiled sheepishly, kind of embarrassed about speaking out against his brothers. The two of you stood like this silently like this for a while with people trying to see the exhibits walked around you two. You continued to look at the ground and he continued to stare down at you. Finally Kyoya raised a hand and rested his fingers under your chin before gently making you look up at him. Your ___ colored eyes widened as you noticed the grateful look in his grey eyes. "Thank you ____ ___. You made me very happy, it's nice to have someone on my side that is willing to stand up for me," he said slowly and deliberately.

    He leaned forward and placed a kiss on your forehead.


     "Thank you so much for your time and the tour today Kyoya Ootori," you told your tour guide as the two of you stood outside the museum. He stood on the step a few below the step you stood on. Your mom had called to say that she was coming to pick you up and Kyoya had insisted that he should wait with you until your mom arrived, which was very gentlemen like of him. He looked up at you and raised his eye brows with a small smile. "It was an honor to get to spend the day with you," he said. You couldn't help but smile back then look around.

     Hikaru and Kaoru had been hiding in a crowd of people. "Ready brother?" Hikaru asked his twin. His brother smirked and nodded his head. They both started to move and navigate through the crowd, trying not to be seen. Then they picked up speed and ran up behind you, giving you a good shove before rushing back into the crowd of people. The twins made sure to hide in a place where they would still be able to see you and Kyoya.

     You gasped and stumbled forward due to someone… no two.. people pushing you. Kyoya's eyes widened in surprise and he moved to try and catch you. He did manage to catch you but your lips ended up meeting. The two of pulled apart with wide eyes. "I-I'm sorry," you sputtered, still lightly holding onto his shirt since you had grabbed it as he caught you. He looked down at you for what seemed like eternity before he finally shook his head. "No, don't be sorry. May I kiss you again ___?" he asked politely and quietly. You stared up at his grey eyes and knew that he was serious about the question. Slowly you nodded your head and he leaned forward, pressing his lips to yours again. The kiss was sweet and gentle which reminded you a lot of him. You weren't positive, but you were sure you heard two people laughing, though you ignored whoever they were. You weren't sure how long the two of you stood there in each other's arms, kissing, but eventually the two of you had to pull away.

    "___, did I just see you kiss that boy?!" your mom shouted from the car, she had just pulled up and opened her window. You blushed and buried your face in Kyoya's shirt briefly. "I have to go," you mumbled into his shirt. He grabbed your hand and gently wrote his cell phone number on your hand. After doing so, he walked with you down to your mother's car. "Good evening Mrs. ___, I'm Kyoya Ootori. You have a very nice daughter and I really enjoyed spending the day with her. She is very kind and such a lovely girl," he said, flashing her a smile. Your mom blinked in surprise because of how nicely he handled the situation. She nodded slowly then unlocked the car doors. Kyoya reached out and pulled the passenger side door open, once you climbed in, he closed it after you. "Have a wonderful evening ___ and Mrs. ___," Kyoya said then placed a kiss on your cheek.

     Once the two of you drove off, Kyoya dusted himself off and headed back up the stairs. "Hikaru, Kaoru," he said and glanced to his left. The twins managed to stop laughing and both gulped in unison. Slowly they came out of their hiding spots and stood before the "Shadow King" or as Tamaki called him, their mother. Kyoya narrowed his grey eyes at the two trouble makers then let out a sigh. "I will let you get away with your troublesome and foolish behavior for today, but you will be on clean up duty tomorrow at club," he said. Both Hikaru and Kaoru groaned but reluctantly agreed… they hoped they could get Haruhi to help them. The three of them stood standing there, looking at each other for a while. Finally, Kyoya nodded his head and stepped into the building to go back to the exhibit.

    Kaoru turned to his brother and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "You know what? Clean up duty might not be so bad. Besides, did you see how happy Kyoya looked?" he asked happily. His brother looked at him then towards Kyoya as he entered the building.

    "I guess so, our meddling has paid off," he said. Slowly both twins smiled and gave each other a high five.
I had started this story a long time ago but had never finished it. I found it the other day and decided I might as well finish it. First Ouran Highschool Host Club reader insert :D. I actually liked how this one turned out, which it is rare for me to like how my stories come out XD

Here is other KyoyaXReader stories I've written:

I don't own Kyoya or any of the Ouran Highschool Host Club characters, or the anime for that matter. The picture also isn't mine, it was found on google.
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When I read this, I really imagined myself attending the exhibit, and met Kyoya. Seriously, it felt so real, I was hoping that it's not a dream. And at the part where he asked me "May I kiss you again?" I was like OHMYGOD YESS KYOYA YOU CAN YOU CAN MY LIPS ARE FOR YOU ONLY AND FOR ETERNITY! *sorry about the fangirling*

Keep on making Kyoya X Reader fanfics Pokemonsouls :) Oh yeah, can I request a fanfic of Kyoya X Reader? I will love it if was made into a sequel, but the decision is up to you, but I'm really hoping a fanfic where the reader is ... *clears throat, coughs* Kyoya's .... Wife? And they had kids and yeaah those kinds of stuff hahaa, I will love it honestly.

Thank you for making this Kyoya X Reader fanfic for all the Shadow King's fans out there. I will be looking forward to your new fanfics ;)
pokemonsoulsm Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Making sure not to delete this from my messages because this comment made me smile so much. I've had a bit of a block lately which is why I haven't put anything up recently but I most certainly will write a KyoyaXReader for you as his wife :D
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I love the twins for bringing me and Kyoya together :3 I wish I did have Kyoya's number...
Thanks for the great story
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nice, of the three Kyouya reader inserts, this was the best one.

i dont see so many of these, so i have to say i was pleased when 3 arrived at once.
I hope you make more in the future.
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I enjoyed this story very muh and was glad none of the characters were OOC which is hard for me I find ones where that occurs. I am glad I stumbled up ok the story in search for Kyoyaxreader stories. In addition to this, I found myself smiling, girlie giggling, and smirking widely as I studied myself reading all the other Kyoyaxreader stories of yours! I really love the story, and would've acted no differently as the reader did except I'd be more scary ad I have a bad tendancy to comment like that on ther people's deepest apologies! *bows rapidly and repeatingly*
pokemonsoulsm Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013
Oh dear, you have found another one of my stories haha! This is a older one too and it is so weird to go back and read stories like this from a while ago and then read more recent ones (especially when I compare all the KyoyaXReader stories). I told you I'm not too bad at keeping people in character! XD Like I said, Germany is hard at me but I work pretty hard on staying in character and I am usually pretty good at it.:3

Oh and there is no need to apologize, you are you and there is nothing wrong with that. I have a tendency to make the reader in my stories timid-ish because that is just how I am - I'm a pretty quiet, calm, timid person :P Some times I make the reader a bit more spunky or hard headed but it's hard for me :/
FullBusterMetalZoro1 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha yes I have! I stumble on everybody's stories somehow...lolz. Haha and that you are, it's hard to find stuff like that! :D I lok back at stories...and i realize what a crappy writer i am...Haha you are really good at keeping characters naturally themselves! Yeah germany is hard because he doesn't open up to people at tweaking is needed..but you are really good at it! :3

Okay...if you say so I just hope it didn't offend you...naw it's fine, writers usually do that in one or too characters i even do that. But you always want the character to fall in love with your personality right? Well id o...but I'll usually make character who I want to be instead of me. Thank you for understanding

pokemonsoulsm Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
Haha, I promise you didn't offend me at all so don't worry about it
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