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November 4, 2012
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     “Mystical creatures are everywhere and affect everyone’s lives in different ways. Some are friendly and some are malicious, some are tricky and some just want to be left alone,” the boy sitting beside you said as he lay back in the grass with you. You turned onto your side so that you were facing him and you smiled.  “Do you like being able to see them Lukas?” you asked curiously. The corner of his lips twitched up slightly, the closest to a smile you would get today from Norway. “Sometimes I do. For the most part the ones I know are nice, but there are some creatures that get very attached to people and this could cause problems,” he replied and gazed up at the bright blue sky as a couple clouds drifted by.


     Clump, Clump, Clump. Norway reached the bottom of the stairs and peered around the full of activity house. All the Nordics had decided to intrude and stay the weekend at his house so the normally peaceful and quiet house now had shouting, mostly from Denmark. His general attitude, Denmark that is, is that of a noisy, somewhat oblivious and arrogant young man that drinks heavily. Norway really didn’t care for Denmark that much, he got on his nerves though he could be quite entertaining when drunk. Lukas Bondvik twitched and walked into the kitchen, the scent of bacon wafted through the air along with eggs and sausage, all being cooked by Finland. Sweden on the other hand sat at the kitchen table reading the newspaper while Denmark teased Finland about being Sweden’s ‘wife’ and about him actually able to cook and be a better girl than a guy. Sweden grunted warningly and looked up from the paper, if looks could kill then the loud Nordic Denmark would have died right here on his kitchen floor… Lukas wouldn’t have minded if he died right then. Iceland was nowhere to be seen, probably still sleeping, he was smart to steer clear of the chaos in Norway’s kitchen.

     Sweden is a guy with an intimidating air who doesn’t talk much and is difficult to understand. “Have any of you heard from ___ recently?” he asked and studied each Nordic. Denmark grinned and walked over, wrapping a long arm around Norway’s shoulders. “Why? Are you worried about her Noooorrwway?” Mathias asked in a sing-song voice. Norway glanced up at the taller Nordic and grabbed his tie, tightening its hold, causing Denmark to flail and gasp for breath. Finland frowned as he flipped over a piece of bacon. “Now that you mention it, I don’t remember hearing from her. She usually keeps in touch with you the most out of all of us Norway… when was the most recent time she called?” Finland asked out of concern. Norway had expected Finland to reply first, he is a gentle, caring young man with simplistic tenacity. Lukas released his merciless hold on Denmark’s tie and turned to face Finland. “It has been three weeks. She doesn’t answer her phone or email, and when I’ve stopped by her house she hasn’t been home,” Norway explained.

     Denmark rubbed his neck and laughed. “You’ve been stalking her?!” he shouted with a grin and dodged the fuming Norwegian. Finland frowned even more if that was possible and placed the bacon onto plates. “Maybe she’s just gone somewhere to spend time with other friends or site see and her phone has died or she left it home,” Finland suggested hesitantly, being optimistic as usual. Sweden folded the newspaper and set it on the table. Norway glanced out the window as a few fairies flew by, the mythical creatures had been acting up lately and he wondered if this meant anything or if he was just over thinking the whole situation.

     Instead of replying, Lukas went outside and peered around before walking over to a tree where a troll sat. Outside there was a nice breeze and it was one of those rare days when it isn’t too hot or too cold. The trees swayed softly with the wind and leaves dance and twirled their way to the lush green grass.  This troll whom he squatted down in front of was rather small rather than the enormous trolls that could usually be seen by him. “Have you seen ___?” he asked the troll and sighed when a couple fairies tugged on his hair. Many of the creatures know who ___ is because she comes over to Norway’s house often. He swatted them away gently with his hand and stared at the troll who shook his head. Again the fairies tugged at his hair and he frowned. “Stop,” he snapped and turned to face the playful fairies full on. Much like England, Norway could see many mythical creatures though he prefers to focus more on Norwegian creatures specifically such as-a Nøkk, Draug, tusser, huldra, trolls, nissen, and stallos. A couple of the fairies held onto a heavy necklace that made their small wings struggle to keep them in the air, beating much harder than they usually would. “Where….?” Lukas stared and gently took your necklace from the fairies. The miniature flying men and woman made soft squeaking and bell sounds as they spoke rapidly and all at one. Norway gazed intently at them and his eyes widened ever so slightly. “A.. Huldra?… Shit,” Lukas snapped and stood. He had been having trouble with her lately and supposingly she had gotten a hold of ___ in order to get his attention. “I have to talk to England,” he said to himself rather than to the fairies and hurried off to find the gentlemen.


     England flipped through his spell books and tried to ignore the pacing Norwegian. The two of them had headed into England’s usually neat office. Today it was messy with books scattered across his office desk, papers littered about the ground and various magical items lied about on chairs such as a large wand. “You are positive it is a Huldra?” Arthur asked and raised his thick eye brows at the usually emotionless boy who now emitted an aura of annoyance and impatience. He looked up from his book. Norway stopped pacing and shot England a look. “Yes, you have heard of one correct? A Huldra is a beautiful young girl with long blonde hair who walks around in the woods, trying to seduce young men and lure them to marry her and move underground with her,” he said slowly and deliberately. England took a deep breath to keep from getting too mad at Lukas. Arthur understood that Lukas was worried for your safety but he still didn’t appreciate the attitude. England sighed and brushed some of his blonde hair out of his face. “Yes I know what it is and it can be quite dangerous Norway. I don’t think you should have anything to do with her,” England replied and took a sip of tea. England had offered Norway some tea but he hadn’t took a single sip of it, he couldn’t seem to calm down. Norway turned away from England and towards the fireplace where Flying Mint Bunny laid down to be warm. “I can’t do that England, she has ___,” he replied and placed a hand on the mantle, gripping it tightly. After taking a shallow breath he turned to face England again. “Can you help me or not?” he demanded, the reflection of the fire dancing in his eyes. Arthur had never seen Norway this way, so worried and tense rather than calm and emotionless. This issue was really serious to Norway. England turned his spell book to face Norway and placed his finger on one of the spells, tapping the page lightly. “This spell should be able to help you but it is a large spell, very dangerous, and can weaken you greatly if you use it. I wouldn’t use it..,” England explained quietly. Norway read over the spell quickly. “I have no choice and if you won’t help me I will do it alone,” Lukas said and memorized the page.

     Arthur slammed his hands down on the table. “Are you bloody nuts? Did you not just hear what I said?! A Huldra is dangerous as it is and she indeed has it in for you. ___ is safer with her because the Huldra doesn’t really want her, she wants you,” he hissed. Both cups of tea shook due to Arthur and fell off the table, shattering and spilling tea across England’s elegant rug. Norway closed his eyes briefly and shook his head. “It’s a risk I am willing to make Arthur Kirkland and you can’t stop me,” he said and walked towards the front door. Arthur’s last question caused him to stop. “Why would you do this?” the British man called after him. Norway placed his hand on the door knob and froze for a moment. “How far would you go to save America?” Norway asked, answering his question with another question. Before Arthur could answer, Norway had left and closed the door behind him. England stood there staring at the front door before rubbing his temples.


     Norway stepped into the forest behind his house and muttered a protection spell under his breath. The sun had set and now the sounds of nature surrounded him; hooting, crickets singing, the rustle of leaves as animals ran by, and the moon emitted an eerie glow. “Beskytt,” he whispered and carefully climbed over fallen logs. A small breeze brushed against Lukas’ left and he spun around to see that no one was there. “So you have come Lukas,” a soothing voice called softly. Norway took a deep breath and centered himself. “You have a friend of mine,” Norway replied and looked around with careful precision to try and spot the Huldra. The girl stepped out from behind a tree, her fingers skimming against the bark and her bare feet don’t make a single sound as she walks. The Huldra is dressed in a national costume or a white blouse and a skirt, and her chest is decorated with silver and gold. An annoyed look crossed her face for a moment but it quickly vanished as she approached Norway. “You’ve been avoiding me,” she whispered and lightly caressed his cheek with her fingers. Lukas flinched away from her touch and moved away from her. “I’m here for ___, she hasn’t done anything to deserve your harsh treatment,” he replied and narrowed his eyes. The girl clenched her fists at her side and the tips of her hair began to float around her, defying gravity out of anger. “She has done nothing?! She stole you way from me Bondvik. You are supposed to be ‘my’ husband,” she hissed and moved towards him.

     This time Norway refused to retreat away from the Huldra this time. “You belong to me,” she whispered and caressed his cheek with her fingers again, this time placing deep scratches on his cheeks with her finger nails as she did so. Norway flinched and grabbed her wrist, yanking her towards him so that their faces were only inches apart. The scent of dirt and mud surrounded him. She smiled and placed a kiss on his forehead. “Du har ikke mitt hjerte, og jeg er ikke din,” he said, using his native tongue. The Huldra yanked her arm out of his hold. “You are an idiot, she will die,” the girl teased. Norway placed his hands together and started muttering the spell he had learned from England. When he moved his hands away from each other, ancient writing that shown with a blue light remained between both his hands and a gust of wind blew around Norway. Leaves flew about the clearing they stood in due to the power of the spell and the blood that dripped down Lukas’ cheek flowed a little faster with the effort of the spell. The Huldra’s eyes widened in fear and she took several steps back. “What are you doing?” she whispered, any confidence she had quickly fading. Norway shook his head and threw his arms out, sending the powerful spell hurtling towards the Huldra. “No, I will be back for you!” she screamed as the spell hit her. A blinding light filled the clearing and the pale Norway fell onto his knees before hitting the ground face first. The trees around him spun and merged together and he groaned as he closed his eyes.

     “Lukas, Lukas wake up,” you whispered and gently turned the boy over so that you could watch his chest and you rested his head in your lap. A sigh of relief escaped your lips when you saw his chest moving. Carefully you brushed his blonde hair out of his face and wiped blood from his face. “Are you okay?” you asked when his blue eyes blinked open and focused in on your face. He blinked several times and raised a stiff arm up, resting his hand against your cheek. “You are okay,” he said and a small smile crossed his face. He hadn’t answered your question but you still felt nothing but relief. “I’m fine, I promise Lukas. I have a gut feeling that you saved me just now, call me crazy if you want... Let me help you now,” you told him and assisted the Norwegian in sitting up. Norway tried to shrug his shoulders modestly but it only caused pain and he found it hard to keep his face neutral. You leaned forward and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you Lukas, I was scared and thought I wouldn’t get to see you again,” you told him with a sheepish smile. A shade of pink spread across Norway’s face and he rolled his eyes. “You were being over dramatic,” he said still trying to play it cool. You would have wacked his shoulder if he wasn’t hurt. Instead you stood and held out a hand to help him up.

     Normally Norway wouldn’t accept the help but tonight he grasped your hand in his gloved one before pulling himself up so that you two stood eye to eye with faces only millimetres apart. “Don’t scare me like that ever again. Jeg elsker deg. Du betyr så mye for meg,” he said and placed a passionate kiss to your lips despite his wary sore state. You blushed deeply but wrapped your arms around his neck gently and played with his soft blonde hair. When the two of you pulled away, both of you couldn’t help but smile. Even Norway gave you a full smile rather than a small one. “I love you too Lukas Bondvik,” you replied and wrapped his arm around your shoulders to support him while the two of you walk. Norway blinked; your house is far from here and he couldn’t allow you to go home alone. You knew exactly what he was thinking. “Lukas, your home is my home. You should know by now that by now,” you scolded him teasingly. Lukas shook his head at you and lightly rested his head against yours while the two of you walked.


     Carefully you shut the door behind the two of you quietly and you sat Lukas on the couch. You smiled and brushed some hair out of his face. “There, now we can get you cleaned up and ready to sleep,” you told him examined his cheek. You rushed into the kitchen, not wanting to wake the sleeping Nordic. After pulling out peroxide, you washed the complaining Norwegian’s cheek and bandaged it up. “You aren’t my mom,” he grumbled more out of embarrassment than annoyance. You laugh quietly and tilted your head. “Your right, your mom wouldn’t do this,” you tease and press your lips to his again. Norway made you gasp by lying back on the couch and pulling you on top of him. Your face went bright red as he smiled up at you mischievously, unable to contain his happiness because you were safe and he got you back. He gently placed a hand on the back of your neck and pulled his best friend, long time crush, and now girlfriend into another kiss. A grunt caused the two of you to jump and look towards the tall, serious Nordic. “M-Mister Sweden,” you sputtered out of embarrassment because of the calculating gaze he gave the two of you. Norway quickly sat up, causing you two to bump heads. You both grunted and even the serious country of Sweden had to hold back a smile. “You two are late, get to bed… keep your bedroom door open Norway,” he said. It was rare for Sweden to say so much at once so Norway knew he was serious. Sweden would rather you sleep in a bed rather than the lumpy couch, but all the guest rooms were taken by himself, his wife, Iceland, and Denmark so that left the couch or staying in Norway’s room with him. He trusted Norway more than Denmark and you obviously like Norway.

     “Go,” Sweden insisted with a grunt. Norway slowly stood, pulling you up with him. He averted his gaze from Sweden and gently led you up the stairs to his bedroom. Once the two of you were out of sight, Sweden walked into the spare bedroom himself and Finland shared, he eyed his ‘wife’ fondly. ‘Young love, they will make a good couple like Finland and I… they like each other for who they are and will be willing to take risks for each other’ Sweden thought and carefully climbed into the bed again.  Sweden flipped the lamp off and closed his eyes with a small content smile as he wrapped an arm around Tino, causing the younger nation to smile.

The End.
First NorwayXReader story, the idea popped into my head randomly and I just had to write the idea out before I forgot it. It's okay... I tried to make it good and interesting, I really did! I am probably OOC because I don't know his character that well... -sigh- I hope it's okay to say the least. Yeah... xD ... um a little bit of SwedenXFinland in there and I guess I hinted at USUK :3

Unimportant note: I hate the new way of uploading on DA gahgloh, dang preview image is being stupid which pisses... ahem.. I mean... angers me because the story was based off the image.

Beskytt – Protect me
Du har ikke mitt hjerte, og jeg er ikke din - You do not have my heart and I am not yours
Jeg elsker deg. Du betyr så mye for meg – I love you. You mean so much to me

Comments are always read and appreciated.

I don't own Hetalia or any of the hetalia characters, all credit is due where it is due. I also don't own the image, it was found on google images, if anyone made it on DA, just tell me and I will gladly give them credit.

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